Friday, February 3, 2017

The Weather

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Hearing the alarm I know it's 5.35am. The time Hub walks the dog.

In the dark he heads down the stairs with the canine hot on his heels. 

Flipping on the light and I hear the morning greeting...'OMG Linda!' 

Pulling the quilt over my head it continues...

'It's 58F!'

Many moons ago when we married, I never knew he had this skill.
You see, I really don't care what the temperature is when it's dark, in the morning!

And he continues...'High of only 75...'

I place the pillow over my head and recall all our non retired friends saying how great it would be to sleep in...not have to set an alarm clock relax!

Hub moves to the bottom of the stairs and shouts up...'with 80% humidity.'

Slamming the pillow across the bed I make my way downstairs, blinded by all the house lights he's turned on.

'OMG woman! You don't look good. Didn't sleep well?'

Making myself a hot tea I wait for it...the further

'So they've done it again! Pushed the hot weather back another couple of days! Can you imagine...they're calling for a cold front.'

Taking my hot tea to the couch I tell myself it's nice that he has a hobby. Personally I would have liked the hobby at a reasonable hour... DAYLIGHT!

Just another day in the life of two retired Canadians,
living and loving it in Mazatlan...
our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub