Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mazatlan's Top 10 List

And you think your home town is special????
Check out our special things......

10. Motorcyclists driving with 2 adults and one child. Only one wears a helmet.

9.   Construction workers wear runners to work and change into sandals for the job.

8.   At customs you collect your luggage...wait in line...have it scanned. Then you are told to press a button. If it’s green you can take your luggage and leave. If it turns red, they open up your luggage and go thru it.

7.  Welders arrive for a job. You put down large tarps to protect the tiles they will be working over. They end up setting your tarps on fire, but finish their welding job.

6.  If you don’t have enough seats in your pickup truck, just add white plastic chairs in the back.

5.  Streets and sidewalks are in major disrepair but shoe stores have hundreds of stilettos for sale.

4.   You go shopping. You know your size is a 14. Sales girl insists you are an 8 and refuses to bring you anything bigger. Your husband has to sneak into the changeroom with size 14’s for you.

3.   Wait in line to see customer serve. Your number is called, you sit down and explain the situation. The teller shuts down her computer in the middle of your time. Puts on her lipstick and leaves. There’s a staff meeting she needs to go to. You have to reschedule.

2.  Drive through beer stores.

And the number one Mazatlan special is......

1.   Get on bus. Pay your fare. Sit down and hear music...look at the bus driver who is watching television while driving the bus!

From Linda and Hubby
Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!