Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Medical Surgery in Mazatlan

Elective Surgery in Mazatlan

Hub decided he would “tryout” the facilities here in Maz. Nothing serious, but something that had been bothering him for quite a long time. But where to start?

Simple...just call up the surgeon of choice and make an appointment!
Yup, that simple. So he did on Friday Aug 12th.
Met with her on Wednesday the 17th and had surgery set for Aug 29th.
Yes the 29th, our anniversary, how nice!!!!

On the Thursday before surgery we both went and met the anaesthesiologist (the big cheese for Surgery down here) where she did a complete medical workup. Then off for an ultrasound treatment x 2.

Being from Canada and told to be at Sharp Hospital (the hospital of choice and the ‘gringo’ facility) at 8am we strolled in at 7.50am and proceeded to do the admission paperwork. Now being from the General Hospital in Hamilton, a hospital buzzing with activity, it was a shock to see the relaxed atmosphere. It took about 15 painless minutes to do the admission work... and for less than $25.00cdn we also got ourselves a ‘friend of Sharp Hospital’ card entitling us to....

1. assistance of an English speaking patient concierge (thank gawd)
2. FREE parking in the Sharp Hospital parking lot 24/7 (ok I've died and gone to heaven!!!)
3. Medical Alert wallet card
4. 27/7 Doctor’s consultation even for NON-emergency visits including prescription fillout (are they kidding me???)
5. Annual Medical Check-up Packages at discount prices (who doesn't love a discount???)
6. 30% off Hospital rooms both normal and VIP
7. 15% discounts on lab, radiology, imaging work, Emergency consults, use of Emergency room, and Physiotherapy
8. 5% discount off Intensive Therapy Room Rentals

Not bad for less than $25.00. Hell the parking alone is worth it!!!!

Surgery was scheduled for 9am...and at 8.45 a NURSE comes down and introduces herself to us and takes us up to his room. That’s right...a Nurse not an EA...but a Nurse.

Now, when I say we go to his room, I mean a ROOM. 25’Lx12’W, PRIVATE with its own television (you get the remote during admission), closet, huge window, electric bed, side table, COUCH, and washroom large enough for a party. There's plenty of towels, but no soap! Even so, I might not wanna leave.

By 9am Hub is changed, in bed, introduced to his own Nurse-Karen, who valiantly tries to put on the pressure stockings! Hub’s already had his sedatives from the Surgeon the night before so he’s pretty ‘happy.’

9.10am He's flipping through the one channel on the remote and bored to tears. Well, since he’s in good hands, there's nothing more for me to do...I go shopping!!!! I mean a girl has to kill some time right?! HELLO!!!! There’s nothing I could do for him.

I return around 2pm packages safely stored in the car, to discover he’s in recovery and will not be coming back to the floor so I’m directed to go back down to the first floor and wait. Ok, I'm no amature...I brought a book. And so I wait. After about 30 minutes I go to the admissions desk and ask about Hub. They say, “He’ll be back in his room.” When I tell them he won’t and that I've been told to be in the ‘day surgery’ area there’s no real concern...just a simple “not to worry. He’ll show up!” (I’m thinking...what? He'll be paddling down the hall on a gurney ???? )

“No, just go up one floor and wait.” And so 2hrs later a Nurse pokes her head out from behind a door and says, “Joanne?” Ok this isn’t going so well....

After another 2 tries with “Joanne”, I’m finally called and Hub is groggy, all taped up with an EA somewhat holding a wheelchair for him.

I get my beloved into the car and proceed to drive him home, over the streets of Maz, which are not known for being level so I'm trying to be careful. And what do I hear?? Hub wincing and moaning and then...”You know you’re not really a Florence Nightengale!”

I aim for the next rut in the road!

Well it’s day 2 now and we’ve been to see the Surgeon for the one of many follow-ups and she says it’s all going well. We settle up the bill, and for less than a weeks scuba diving trip he was to take, Hub has had his ‘elective’ surgery experience in Maz. It's something that needed to be done and it's taken less than 2 weeks from start to finish.. and we get FREE parking for TWO YEARS!!!!

Ok it was definitely worth it!

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub.