Monday, September 26, 2011

Birds will be Birds

We have many birds down here in Mazatlan...hundreds of little, fast moving flyers as well as the 'big' boys....

Frigates can have a wing span of up to 9'

A Turkey vultures wing span, up to 6'

And our Pelicans wing span up to 10'!!

I mention these details so you can get idea of what is actually going over our 'casa' every day...continually...over and over again...back and forth...all day long.

Now, back in January we had a couple of friends come down to visit us and to get away from the cold Canadian winter. During their 1 week stay, (which was the coldest January here in 55 years,) we did have a day or two of sun and so we 3 girls went up on the roof deck, laid out on the lounge chairs to catch a few rays and enjoy our afternoon cocktails. 

While everyone was having a great time in the warm afternoon sun, I felt something on my head. I looked up casually, noticing that there wasn't a cloud in the sky...nobody else has said anything and then I raised my hand to check my head....


Yup, that's what it was! One of those soaring, winged buggers had let loose over me...all over the deck of the rooftop from one side to the other and, from the sounds of the workers downstairs having their lunch, they got hit too!

Of course the girls were hysterical as I went to clean my head off, grab the hose to clean off the deck.

As soon as they calmed down, which did take a while we all had agreed that, if in fact it was from one of those huge birds we have, what are the chances of me being crapped on from so high up and on just our 'casa'? It was obviously a good sign they decided...yeah...sure...It was suggested that I should have bought a damn lottery ticket! Which of course I hadn't. Hellllooooo, I'm in Mexico for crying out loud!

So, after cleaning up myself and the roof I went downstairs for the much needed refill. Hub was sitting at the counter. I went by him to the fridge when he held out a hat!!!! And them proceeded to laugh hysterically...

I hip checked him off the chair.

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.