Saturday, September 3, 2011

Linda, Hubby and weather.

In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada October 2010 it was cold, dull and wet. A typical Canadian fall..a time of year when children wear snow suits over their Halloween costumes and boots!

We couldn’t wait to leave for the tropical weather of Mazatlan, Mexico.

Well, November 2010 arrived and we were out of there!! No more snow, sleet and cold weather for this duo in their retirement years. We needed heat!

Jan 2011 – coldest record in 55 years! (We’re 55...coincidence???) and it lasted right through the spring.

Apr 2011 – Hub and I flew back to Canada, to be there for the birth of our second Gbaby. All went well with the birth. The day we arrived it was raining and it turned out to be the wettest 2 months ever, with about a grand total of 3 days of sun.

June and July 2011 – Back in Maz and it’s hot, humid and fabulous!

Aug 2011 – record rainfall in 35 years! (We been married 36 years and it rained on our wedding day...mmmmm) Okay is somebody trying to tell us something?

Sept 3, 2011 – Still in Maz and guess’s raining!! For weeks now we’ve had nightly thunderstorms....we can handle that. But today it’s been raining ALL day and not just over our casa!!

I have to admit the temperature is around 77F with 98% humidity and I’m finding it cool, but loving it! Put on a pair of jeans, light sweater and I’m good to go. Hub is curled up behind me cursing and reading a book!!!

So the moral of this blog....

If you are in need of cold, wet weather, just give us an invite up to your area. It’s a pretty good guarantee that your weather will change as soon as our feet hit the tarmac.

But if you’re coming to might want to check to see if we’re here first.

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub.