Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dead 'bug' walking!

Okay I see it!
I walk down the stairs in the morning, not quite awake and stop dead in my tracks.
It’s there.
It’s not moving...but it’s there.
A cockroach!
Now I don’t know about you, but in all my 55 yrs I have never seen a cockroach. I’ve seen centipedes..witnessed bees..I’ve seen bats and mice..even the occasional rat...but I have never seen, until now, an actual cockroach.

Ok, granted it was dead...but come on...our house was debugged!!!

After my screams....Hub came running down the stairs..slamming doors...ready to do battle. Then he saw me pointing to the floor.
Leaning on the banister he said what every female, wife, partner wants to hear.....”You’ve GOT to kidding me right? It’s dead!!”

Of course my reply was sensible, well thought out and at the top of my lungs...”get the ‘bug guy’ NOW!”

Well, it turns out you usually want to see more than one, dead bug before you call the ‘bug guy’, but hey, I’m Canadian and we don’t do cockroaches, dead or alive!

I jump over the ‘body’ and rummage through our business cards...”Where the hell did I put that damn number???”

So Hub humours me, although cursing under his breath about being such a ‘girl’...HELLO!!!!!  You knew that when you married me 36 years ago!!!

Well he did help move ALL the furniture away from the walls and on 3 floors...empty the cupboards and I waited!

Hub went back to reading.

I sat on a barstool with my legs up under me and waited by the phone.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long..the ‘bug guy’ said 6pm and be damned if he didn’t show up at 6pm with sprayer and wand in hand. I was never soooo happy to see a man with chemicals, than I was that day!

He chuckled about ‘one’ dead cockroach but went about spraying the whole house. He and Hub were talking...ok Hub was using his infamous sign language and broken Spanish but the house did get done and I, for one, was sooo happy!

I’m told it should be done every couple of months.

Well, I whipped out the calendar and marked the date. There will be no more dead bodies in my house! This girl is not going to miss the next spraying that’s for sure.

The next day I casually walk down the stairs and see it!!!!!

Dead bug on the floor!!!

Stopping ‘dead’ in my tracks I give out a casual ‘scream’ and Hub comes flying down the stairs, ready to do battle again...only to tell me...”we just got sprayed! You’re going to find dead bugs for a few days. Get over it.”

Ohhh like I would know that...helllllooooo!

So I waited for a couple of days...walking carefully down the stairs each morning and be damned if they weren’t ‘dead’ bodies.


Days go by...we carry on with our retirement enjoying the days and evenings...until...thee morning...

The morning, 42 days after the original spraying and there’s another ‘dead’ body laying on the stairs...grrrrrrrrrrrr. They had said 2 months...42 days is not equal to 2 months!!!!

Now being a ‘pro’ at this I casually ‘kick the body’ to the main floor and go over to the business cards, pull out the ‘bug guys’ number, grab a tea and head back upstairs. I push open the bedroom door, throw the card at Hub...’call him!’, walk into the bathroom, slam the door and shiverrrrr!!!!

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub