Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Drive

So we’ve been in Mazatlan for five months (Nov 2010-April 2011) the coldest spring in 55 years, some mornings 48F!!! And me with summerwear!!! But it’s time to return up north for a couple of months, hopefully warmer than down here. NOT!!! It ended up raining for 2 months with a couple of sunny days...go figure!

Anyways, we arrived in time for Gbaby #2s birth and Mom, Dad and new baby girl are doing well...Gbaby#1 has decided poking her is funny and turning her upside down is a blast!

Well, after 2 months Hub has packed..repacked and had 2 dry runs on just what will fit into the Honda Element...oh yeah I forgot to mention, Hub is driving 3,000 miles to Mexico (I’m leaving by plane later.)

Why you ask, would anyone drive 3,000 miles with a fully loaded van???

Well, I wanted to take one box of Christmas stuff that I just couldn’t live without...Hub needs MOST of his tools and that includes duplicates (keep in mind most of them are for wood and stuff, Mexico is concrete!!!) But he needs them, so I’ve been told.

He’s also made a SPECIAL place in the van for his coffee maker!!!

This is something he also HAS to have. Now, it’s not just any kind of coffee maker...this big ass thing does everything but walk the cup of coffee to you in the morning and greet you with a smile!

So, as I said, I wanted one box of Christmas stuff. Well, by the time he’d finally packed I’d added and squeezed a few extra things in, you know, just to fill the empty spaces.

I hear him yelling inside the van.

I close the van doors and walk into the house (looking for other stuff).

Well, he finally departs..maps, GPS, cell phones, cash, credit cards, computer, cigars and music. He’s happy.

I breath a sigh of relief and for the next 2 weeks until I leave, kid, wife “A”, Gbaby#2 and moi hear Gbaby#1 repeat over and over again.....”Pappa??? Where’s Pappa?”
“He’s in Mexico.”
“Where’s Pappa?”
“In Mexico.”
“Where’s Pappa?”

Finally Hub arrives in Mazatlan and we can put Skype up so Gbaby#1 can see and finally talk to Pappa....

“Pappa?? When you coming home???”

Hub's told us about his trip going around tornado states and having to detour around wildfires, but he made it in 6 days and he’s happy. He stayed at B&B’s along the way...unloading 2 bikes and then all the contents of the van EVERY night, just to Reload everything in the morning and start on his way. He made a point of telling me he found all the extra stuff I had shoved into those empty spaces, only to have to take the out every night and stuff them back in, in the morning.


Well, he saw great sights...met some wonderful people...and especially enjoyed the solitude. I don’t know if it was away from Gbabies or moi?

Oh, did I mention that after this long journey, the coffee guru’s coffee maker arrived in Mazatlan safe and sound...only to break down in a week!!! That’s right...that big ass coffee machine started spitting out metal nuts and bolts all over the place!!! So much for planning!

Hub’s now on the internet trying to find a service guy in the USA to fix the damn thing.

Guess that means another road trip?!


Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub