Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lindsays wedding day

Hub’s niece got married in Hamilton today.

After months and months of preparation, caterers, dress fittings, scouting locations, food tasting and classes at the church the big day had arrived! And although we had hoped to be there, we couldn’t, after all we are now on a pension, so we did the next best thing!

We got up at 7am our time (which wasn’t a problem, since I did get up at 4am to watch ‘Wills and Katherine’ get married.) We made the coffee and tea...opened up the patio doors to another beautiful Mexico morning, and in our pj’s, we plunked our asses down in two comfy chairs and turned on Skype!

Now this is a great idea!!!

I didn’t have to hear Hub complain about having to wear a tie and he didn’t have to hear me whine about my shoes hurting my feet.

You see, Hubs sister and I had arranged to have her Skype on and while they were running around Hub and I sat back and watched the entire pre-wedding goings on from the comfort of our own living room in Mexico!

There was the hairdresser, the photographer, the bride’s sister, the flower girl, the bridesmaids and of course the bride and her Mom and Dad all going about getting ready for the big event at 12.30 their time.

People would wave as they walked back and forth in front of the camera. 

We’d get up and make another coffee and tea.

Some chatted to us on their way through their living room, and when everyone was all dressed, waiting and sipping their champagne, they’d sit down and pass the time talking to us.

OMG we felt like voyeurs...listening and just watching all the buzz of activity from the comfort of our living room! And then the limo arrived.

As we said our goodbyes from Mexico and wished the gorgeous bride our best, as her big day was about to officially start, we turned Skype off.

I smiled to myself knowing it was going to be a spectacular event back home as the bride would be surrounded with all the family and friends.

Hub commented...”See! Now isn’t this better than having to travel all that way up north, deal with airports and then get all dressed up! Altho the meal would have been nice. Soooo, what are you making for breakfast??”

I gave him a side words glance and lifted one finger.

Hub decided it was best to leave the room.

Congrats Lindsay and Dave on the start of your great journey!