Saturday, September 24, 2011


I’m the first to admit it...I’m a city girl!!!
No matter how hard my Mother tried to get me to enjoy outdoor stuff like hiking and camping, I failed miserably, and my attitude didn’t help since I knew outdoors = BUGS!

Now, over the years I got used to the ants, centipedes, spiders and mice in Canada. Still didn’t like them, but we co-existed. It was a simple thing...get the Raid or have Hub set the traps and have the “kid” dispose of the dead body. Quick and easy!

But in Maz it's a different story.

First of all the “kid” is back in Canada with his own family, so I’m down one person in manpower!!!! That leaves Hub.

Now, some critters I can actually handle on my own I’m happy to say...

1. flying grasshoppers (most 6” in length) and which can devour a palm tree in a matter of days...

2. flies (the size of bumble bees up north), that just tend to buzz around and bump into things...

3. Oh yeah, those cute caterpillars...

Plant destroying caterpillars

...that can completely destroy a flowering plant in no time at all...

4. swarms of dragon flies just buzzing around every morning...

5. Indian Walking sticks...

Indian Walking Stick critter

...that are just weird looking.

6. the infamous raccoons (I travelled 3,000 miles just to find these pests, which that the Nationals think are CUTE!)

Iguana on back deck

7. and of course the geckos and iguanas...

Then there are the OTHER' kind of bugs, comprising of big and small ants in all shapes and sizes, LARGE flying cockroaches and scorpions, both big and small.

Now, I’ve gotten pretty good at this actually. Even my Mother would be proud of me. 

If it’s dead (but only after very careful inspection from a very good distance away) I will sweep it up and dispose of ‘the body.’ If it’s alive, Hub comes to the rescue with a can of Raid, a broom (for hitting), one garbage bag and depending on the size, gloves. 

If it’s multiple sightings, Hub calmly searches for the phone and calls Gabriel the “bug guy,” whom we’re on a first name basis with these days. A few hours later and believe it or not, on time! my ‘Angel’ is at our door with just his sprayer and I breathe a sigh of relief.

For the next 20 minutes Hub spends his time with Gabriel. They go from room to room with Hub using his broken Spanish and sign language, but not discussing our bug problem, ohhh noooo...these guys are talking SPORTS!!!  Gabriel is soon paid his fee and Hub waves him goodbye.
I turn on every light in the house and wait with broom in hand. Okay, I might make a very large cocktail first and then wait.

Later in the evening Hub goes upstairs...”You coming to bed?”

Is he crazy???!! “You’re kidding me right? At any moment it’s going to be a killing field within these walls tonight!!! How on earth can you think of sleeping????”

Hub goes upstairs shaking his head muttering...”damn city girl!” and slams the door.

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.