Friday, October 7, 2011

It Happened!

Hub was in the mood today!!

Now, it doesn't happen often...but with a slight drop in the outdoor temperature, Hub brought it all out! The temple of a man’s!!

Yup the ladders, drill bits for wood and concrete, extension cords, hammers and the holy grail of any collection...battery and electric drills.
 He slowly opens the cases...lifting each 'boy toy' out, carefully placing them on the floor then, meticulously counting out the plugs and screws. It was like he was in a trance!

After paying homage to his chosen selection, I watch him climb the ladder, in his blue rubber crocks.

By gawd he was ready to start!!! Oh wait a minute!! Houston we have a problem.

Looking around and patting himself down he announces..."where are my glasses?" (This has become another ritual of sorts that happens only when his eyes are open.)

"You know I can't start if I can't see what I'm doing!"

Stamping down the stairs and dodging ladders, cords, fans and tool boxes I search like a madwoman, knowing that nothing will stop this from happening. Now, let me say it’s not like he only has one pair of glasses. Noooo this is the fella that came prepared, bringing down 6 pairs of those cheater glasses from Canada, only to discover Mazatlan has their own dollar store eyewear as well.

Once found, I dash up the stairs and religiously hand him the required eyewear that almost caused a work stoppage before the job even started. With glasses now in place he points to the floor and says the words that will kick off the start of this workfest into high gear....”DRILL!!”

He works feverishly on the task at hand while I, like a surgical nurse, swap out battery and electric drills, concrete and wood bits, hammers and plastic plugs. It’s a dance we’ve played out for over 36 yrs...neither one of us bitching or complaining at the same time. Hub always whistling or humming some annoying tune, (today it's the William Tell overature) and after 40 minutes the job is done. Not bad actually.

As I start cleaning up...wiping down the stairs, floor, walls and doors, Hub, ever so carefully carries his tools back downstairs to their place of worship.

Hearing the cases opening I run down the stairs...“What are you doing?”

“Putting my tools away of course. It’s what you always say I should do.”

“But what about this???” Reaching over the counter and grabbing ‘the LIST’...I hand it to him.

Like a child he throws down his cleaning rag....“But I did the job.”

“No. You did ONE of the jobs, and since you already have your toys out, why not go for broke and try another one?!”

After some thought, he carries the required tools up to the second floor again muttering...”she can’t tell me while I was up there...noooo...has to wait till I go back downstairs and start cleaning up...” I hear the door slam behind him.

I hold the List and check off the first 3 of 42.
Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day...and I know that there will be another time when Hub will want to pull out his tools and play again.

Only 39 more jobs on the!

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.