Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garage Sales

Anyone with an imagination knows how exciting these two words can be.

For over 20 years in Hamilton, I would pick up my mother at 6.30am every Saturday and wouldn't return home until around noon...sometimes making repeats trips to 'unload' our treasures, especially when Hub was working!

Now during that period Hub did join us a total of twice. On each occasion he said he was bored after one hour!!! So, we would drop him off at home and head out again...(as you can tell Hub is not and never has been a true garage saler at heart.)

Now when we moved to Mazatlan and I saw my first ad for a garage sale my heart was pumping!! So on a bright Saturday I took off in search of treasures. As we had no wheels at the time, I had to resort to a bus and pulmonia. Now granted, the transportation situation did put a damper on my outing, and a less seasoned garage saler would have been worrying, but I still managed to find one box and 3 bags full of stuff.

It's been almost a year since my first garage sale here and now that we have the vehicle I have to say these weekend excursions are getting more exciting. Hub has even shown an interest and as such, has taken over the driving.

As they start anywhere from 8-9am on either a Saturday or Sunday I can say our driving experiences are somewhat tamer, than our outings during the week. See, during the week if we have to go out I am subjected to Hub's conversation that usually goes like this.....

"Did you see that son of a b....?"

"OMG he opened his door right into traffic!"

"It's another f.....turning lane! Where'd that come from???"

"Okay lady, could you get off the damn cell and try looking where you're going?"

"Pick a lane will ya?!"

"Just wait till I can speak espanol, you'll be sorry fella!"

Oh and my favourite as we go along the beachfront....

"Did you see what she was..wasn't wearing???!!"

All in all, we do finally get to the garage sale, at which Hub now lasts 15 minutes, then heads back to the car, turns on the A/C and awaits my treasures with his common questions....

"You didn't really buy that did ya?"

"And where do you think that'll go?”

And my all time favourite....

“It won’t fit in the car!”

Well my once solo trip has turned into 2, then 3, and as of today we will now be 5! Hey the more the merrier I say...and of course the old line...'one persons junk is another’s treasures.'

Or as Hub says from the driver’s side window....

"We don't need another f..... picture frame!!"

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.