Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unwanted visitor!

It’s been an hour.
I made a drink...a strong one.

You see I’d been cleaning the floors with the usual paraphernalia...broom, dustpan, mop, bucket and bleach (my cleaner of choice.) Decked out in my VERY attractive cleaning gear...big t-shirt, mens underwear and thongs, on my feet!

I’d moved and lugged chairs, containers, shoes, boxes and such away from the walls and proceeded to sweep and wash the floors. It’s become a weekly event and one that I do.

Finally reaching the last section of the house, in the dining room, Hub decided to help and moved a few things for me...2 cases of pop and then I heard it... as the cases of pop slid across the floor.


Knowing housecleaning is not Hubs favourite chore I dropped what I was doing and ventured over to “his” area. And there it was...a scorpion, hunkered down into the corner.

Leaning down to get a better look Hub grabbed my arm....

“Are you crazy?”

' But it’s not moving.'

He grabs my broom and pokes at it. Yeah...actually starts poking it!!! Sure enough it starts to move and yes, I do back away. It’s about this time that we do what we do best....argue, about the best method of removal of this black/brown creature that is the length of your index finger.

His tail goes up! (The scorpion, not Hubs.)

It’s at this point Hub goes into ‘kill’ mode. I hand him the plastic ‘nut’ jar from Costco...big enough to definitely contain this creature and tell him...

‘We’re NOT killing it!’

“And you have a better plan?”

He tries brushing it out of the corner. I reach over and turn the broom around upside down for him...

‘Push it with this end...’

Instead he proceeds to see if the broom end fits between the tracks of the screen and window.

‘What are you doing?’


‘You planning on cleaning the screen track or doing something about our newest pet?’

“Hey I don’t want it running under the end of the broom before I kill it.”

I go and get the flashlight...‘It’s not running.’

At that point Hub raises the broom slowly, like a hunter with a spear and makes contact.....’ewwwwww!’

“Now YOU shake?”

‘OMG you killed it!... AND you left a mess on the floor between the window and the screen!!’

Hub goes out and gets a spade and a piece of wood to “remove” the offender.

‘What are you doing with those things?’

“Disposing of the body of course.”

I thrust the plastic container at him...’We need to preserve the body.’ (for our bug guy Gabriel.)

“What are you from CSI or something????”

So now, here I am at the diningroom table on the back patio, sitting a fair distance from the plastic container. Seeing that I’m a tad upset Hub makes me a fresh cocktail...comes back...sits down and proceeds to examine the jar!!! (What is it with men and their toys and bugs????)

...and then I see it...

“OMG the damn thing’s alive!”

Hub shakes his head, goes inside and calls Gabriel. 

And so I the table waiting for the bug guy to arrive, holding my empty glass up for Hub to notice!

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.