Friday, November 11, 2011

Hub would like a pet

I've always considered Hub and I, 'pet people.' Well that was until he retired.

'We need a pet,' I repeatedly say as we watch all the dogs being walked on the Malacon.

Without looking up from his paper..."They all crap!"

'Ohhh and like you don't?'

"Hey! When you find one that can clean up my crap and their own, we'll discuss it."

Well, while out driving the other day Hub stopped the car abruptly and points out my window. “Look at that beauty!!”

‘It’s a rock’ I say with as much enthusiasm as I can muster.

“Nooo. Look at what’s on the rock.”

I lean out the window and see what can only be described as a... ‘it’s a lizard!’

“Damn city girl. It’s an iguana. That could be our new pet!”

Now, we’ve had pets in the past... and not all at the same time...dogs, cats, fish, birds and even a box turtle. They all died of natural causes...well, except for the budgie and turtle.

Hub is actually glowing!!!! “Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those in our courtyard?”

‘And just how do you plan on enticing it in? You’ve got enough insecticide spray around the house, they couldn’t possibly get in or out for crying out loud!’

“It would still be nice.”

Fred 1, 2, 3 etc.
‘You have Fred.’ (I’ve come to call all the geckos in our house Fred...just easier that way.)

Disappointed, Hub leans his head on the steering wheel “But they don’t do anything.”

‘And our other pets did what exactly? Infact, let me recap for you...  George and Dugan, 2 huge shepherds, didn’t just bump on their way down the stairs, they actually bounced off the walls... let me get your description just right... ‘the cat from hell with an attitude’ used to actually stalk people in our house...

and let us not forget that preachers budgie Cleo, who probably died of fright at the sight of Adolph, the box turtle, meeting his doom in an unfortunate heat lamp accident. (This pet was to outlive even ‘the kid’!) 

So, do tell me again Doolittle, what is it you’re looking for in a pet?’
Sounding more like a 4 year old than ever Hub whines...“But an iguana would be different!”
‘And just how would we get this pet into the house? Kidnap it....maybe drag or crate it...and then it...feed it?’

“They’re vegetarians. We don’t have to actually buy it food per say.”

‘We don’t have a garden...ohhh nooo, don’t even think of my potted plants!’

Hub pats my arm softly...“Now don’t get excited.”

‘And just where would it live? It has to have a place to hide and our court yards are all concrete.’

Almost jumping out of his seat he proudly offers...“Well, I could build it something.” I see his chest actually puffing out!!

‘Oh nooooo you don’t!’


‘That means tools, and I'll be damned if that iguana ends up with a house bigger than mine!’

“You’re exaggerating as usual.”

‘Am I? Listen here Noah, (as in the builder,) if you're planning on taking out your tools, I have some stuff you can a dozen or so pictures that are collecting dust waiting to be hung.’

Hub starts the engine and slowly pulls back into traffic... “Hmmm...I’m gonna have to rethink this whole pet thing, so I’ll get back to you on that.”

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub.