Monday, November 7, 2011

Hub and the BBQ

For weeks now Hub has been storing empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls as well as empty coffee cans like a pack rat.

You see, Hub had a structure built in the back courtyard at the house for his BBQ. I have to admit it is quite an impressive thing and I had visions of sharing the experience of cooking meals in the outdoors, over a state of the art gas BBQ.

Hub had another idea...he wanted the authentic outdoor flavour.

“You’re not thinking wood?!!”

‘No way...wood’s too expensive down here.’

“So then you're talking gas?”

‘Ahhh you city girl!’ He then opens the trunk of the van...takes out a large, dirty bag of the disgusting....‘Charcoal!!!!’ as he smiles with delight.

I walk into the house, pour myself a large cocktail and pull up a chair near the cooking area. I watch as he puts an empty coffee can into the base of the BBQ...fills it with charcoal and then stuffs in those empty rolls he'd been saving. He goes back to the van and brings out another bag. He's like a kid at Christmas as he lays out all his manly ‘cooking tools’ onto the counter...a can of lighter fluid, a box of fire starters and container of gasoline!!

Hub proceeds to pour his ‘tools’ over the charcoal and with a flick of the long handled lighter the neighbourhood witness’s billows of smoke over our fenced walls.

“So we’ll be going for that smokehouse taste huh?”

‘Not to worry. It just takes a little tweaking.’

He pulls the now cooked coffee can out, letting the coals fall into the base and some are actually red! The grill goes on next, almost causing him a hernia as he lifts it into place. The coals grow dim, at which point he goes into the house, returning with every outdoorsmen's tool...a can of Pam.

I move my chair out of the 'cooking arena.'  I watch as the flames WHOOSH  skyward!

Hub is truly delighted with himself...‘Now we’re cooking!’

I peer over his shoulder... “Yup. You’re cooking alright...charcoal!”

Poking and prodding he announces...‘It’ll be great just as soon as the coals heat up.’

After 1 ½ hrs of sweating and meticulously hovering over his coals, Chez Hub calls for...the meat. I bring out 2 steaks and place them next to the grill.

Disappointed he looks at the plate. ‘That’s it?’

“What were you expecting? a whole cow?”

‘But you like yours rare! They’ll take like 5 minutes of cooking time. What the hell am I to do with the rest of the coals?’

I walk back into the kitchen... “May I suggest a long stick for marshmallows and maybe you can heat up some water for tea.”

Footnote: The steaks were great and the tea water boiled quite well! Hub’s now rethinking the whole charcoal vs. gas debate.

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.