Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday season!

I arrived home Saturday morning, after a fruitful garage sale expedition, only to find a truck next door, delivering at least 100 white, plastic chairs.

That can only mean one thing here in Maz...the neighbours next door are getting ready for the holiday season with a party! 

You see people down here don't rent halls for a party...they use their own houses and just rent all the chairs, tables, karaoke machines,plus everything else to have a good time and have it all delivered.

I immediately ran inside our house, throwing the doors open and dropping all my packages on the floor, as Hub asks... ‘So, what did you buy now?’

“Who cares!!! Where’s my ear plugs???”

He throws his hands up in the air... ‘Por que?’

“This is no time for your Mexican charades fella!! We have exactly 10 hours before party central lifts off next door!!!”


He can’t really hear me too well, you see, he’s preparing for a scuba dive tomorrow. Right now he's sitting on his precious lazyboy couch trying on his dive hood and mask, which is sooo tight he can’t hear a damn thing!!!

As I wave my arms, he begrudgingly rips off the goggles and hood... ‘Whaaaaat???’

“There’s a truck unloading chairs next door!!!!”

Putting the hood and goggles back on he yells...‘Hey since I'm gonna be using this stuff tomorrow,  I could actually sleep in it all night...not hear a sound...problem solved! Besides it's the holidays!’ 

I immediately reach over and grab the camera and snap a picture.

‘Hey what’s that for?’

“You’re not taking this seriously dive boy!!!”

‘What’s your problem? I don't hear a thing.’

I lean over Hub and pull one side of the hood from his ear... “If I don’t find my earplugs, nobody will be sleeping tonight buddy!!!”

At 11pm, right on schedule the  LIVE band starts their first set, complete with a tuba and horns!

Hub’s sitting on his couch, safe in the knowledge he'll sleep tonight and won’t hear the racket next door. I go over, stand right in front of him, lean down so he can see my universal sign and then head upstairs...fall into bed...grab my earplugs...drag the blankets over my head and mutter...

Holiday season my ass.
God bless us one and all??!!!”

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub.