Monday, January 2, 2012


Looking out the front door I see Hub scratching his head...“What are you doing?”

‘There’s a new crack!’

It's Hubs new obsession. He’s looking at our walls and I don't mean casually. Rather he's hunkered down and examining them in great detail like a gynaecologist.

“You do understand that we live on a hill and everything's concrete!”

Suddenly like a bat out of hell he's running into the house. ‘OMG...Where’s my measuring tape?

Cracks...even fine line cracks send him into a panic. Now I can understand concerns with drywall, but for gawd sake, we live in a country of cement and  concrete!

This is the same fellow that LOVED the ambiance of Europe...broken walls, steps that were thousands of years old, even broken windows! He loved them all. But now, in Mexico, where he’s paid to have these big ass walls and floors erected, he’s looking for perfection.

Grabbing me by the arm he drags me over to the courtyard wall to where I discover he's now progressed from the vertical to horizontal...‘I told you it’s bigger..
Look at this!’

I see sweat on his brow as jumps
up and runs into the house for a level... ‘OMG!!! It’s not the’s the F@c%&$* floor!

Rushing back to the point of interest he leans down and points...'See, where the floor joins the wall...IT’S SINKING!’

“And this means what?” I enquire casually.

‘We'll have to dig it up of course! After all, I paid for these walls and floors, I expect them to last more than 3 months!

You see we just finished having ‘the boys’ here for 3 months erecting the walls and floors and   now the worry wart wants to have them back to redo the work!

I go into the kitchen and hand him a glass...

‘What’s this?’ he asks as he inspects the liquid.

Heading back into the house I shout over my shoulder ....'Tequila of course! Drink it and then tell me if the floor is still out of level!'

Just a few thoughts from two Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.