Saturday, February 4, 2012

I always wanted a pool.

Not a huge pool...just one big enough to cool off in and NOT a kids wading pool like in Canada.

So with construction taking place on the courtyard, I pointed to the back corner...“It would go great right over there, don’t you think?”

Without taking his eyes off his newspaper, Hub takes part in the conversation...‘The yard's not big enough.’

I ignore the mumbling from the deck as I stretch my arms out visualizing the sun on me as I do laps.

Just then Hub turns his page in the newspaper and announces... 'and you do know that the whole damn ocean is less than a five minute walk away from the front door!'

Ok...I have to pick my battles, so I let it drop...for now.

A few months later when the backyard is finished Hub is looking around his concrete oasis and he takes a seat on the deck, leans back and suggests ...'maybe we should have a pond put in the backyard.'

You don't have to tell me twice...I see an opportunity...   sooo casually, without obvious excitement, I yawn...“Oh that has possibilities...maybe just big enough to sit in and cool off. You know since you have that outdoor shower over there,” pointing in the direction of his pride and joy.

And so a ‘pond’ was decided on. 

‘The boys’ came back and chipped concrete, laid pipe, poured forms, spigots were put in place, electrical lines were laid and then they poured more concrete.’s a bit bigger than originally fact it looks like a damn baptismal or a horse’s trough...but I don’t care!
I have a ‘sitting pond!’

Well, I will when they test the water.

A few days later the plumber and electrician drop by to do the water test.
It's sooo exciting!!!

The pond is filled...the water is turned on and..... the spigots shoot water into the middle of the courtyard!

Hmmmm not what Hub had in mind.

So they turn down the less water drains into the ‘pond’... Hub hears a loud noise.


They all look down and watch the pump...Seems by turning the water pressure down, the pump is now overheating. ..time to go and find a smaller pump.

In Canada it would be simple...but in Maz it’s next to impossible...and weeks later they all agree on one, of the only 2 inline pumps here. It’s purchased. It’s brought home.

It’s now been more 2 weeks...

Hub walks into the backyard and I mention...“So that box there looks lovely.”

‘You mean the ‘pond’?’

“No! I mean the box that houses the pump for the ‘pond’.”

‘Oh that. I'll be getting to that. Just waiting for the only guy in town that can fix my coffee machine.’

“Excuse meeeee!!!
You mean I’ve been waiting weeks on a coffee fixit guy before the pond gets fixed??”

‘’s not just any coffee machine. It’s my coffee know..the one I drove down with from Canada!’

“Oh yeah...the one that got its own front seat complete with seatbelt...yeah I remember.”

‘Well, when ‘the guy’ shows up and fixes the coffee machine, I’ll call ‘the boys’ about the pump.’

I go and gather my stuff and head out the door.

‘So where you going?’

“...down to the ocean.”

I told you, you didn’t need a ‘pond’!!!’


Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!

Linda and Hub