Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shoes and shopping

After living here in Mazatlan for almost 2 years, we have learned to ‘assimilate’...if you can't get something here, that we had in Canada you have two choices...make do with what you do have or get your family or friends bring it down when they visit next time. It’s a tried and true formula, except with footwear.

You see, in the past I did have a ‘little’ problem with shoes.

Hub corrects me... ‘A little problem??? Try ... shoe-a-holic!’

"Weeeell, maybe."

I mean, in the past if they looked snappy, sporty, chic or elegant, flats, pumps, platforms or boots I was there with card in hand...“Sold!!! Wrap those puppies up now!”

I'd bring them home, carefully unbox them, just to place them away in one of the two over sized Rubbermaid bins...the large ones...filled from top to bottom. But I did get rid of them all before moving here...ok, all except one new pair of heels (still at the kid’s house) and 7 pairs of thongs (footwear not bottomwear.)

I thought I was doing great until it got a little too cold here for my flip flops, so a shopping trip was in order for something more comfortable, like loafers. Easy to slip on and practical.

Knowing that Mexicans love their shoes, everything from cute little flats to platform heels high enough to cause nose bleeds, we ventured out. Now with shoe stores on every corner, I was filled with much so that Hub offered to join me. Not that he enjoys shopping but he figured this was sure to be a quick purchase and then off to a local spot for lunch.


The first store we went into didn’t really have what I was looking for...neither did the fifth or sixth.

Now Hub was bored...‘Just pick a pair for crying out loud.’

Men!! They have no idea.

After the tenth store I found a pair that could work and when I told the clerk in my broken Spanish I would need a U.S. size 9 or 10 she got off the phone and leaned over the counter and... 

Yeah laughed!!!!And not at my new pedicure but at the size of my feet! Seems they only carry up to size 8.

Well, obviously this store would not do and so I stomped out in my size 9 1/2 thongs, with Hub following behind, looking confused.

We tried another three stores, with no actual laughing this time, mere chuckles.

Hub, offered me a man’s perspective...
‘Maybe you shold consider trying men’s loafers’.

Watching my head snap around like Linda Blair in the exorcist, Hub quickly turned 'round and watched the traffic.

Hey, I’ve worn men’s shirts, pants even shorts in the past, but I do draw the line at shoes.

After another week of dropping into every shoe store we passed I did find one pair that were the right size, not exactly what I was looking for, but they weren’t mens shoes and they fit, so I paid for them and took them home.

Now when I mention shoes, Hub whistles into the wind and smiles, satisfied knowing that by moving to Maz he has finally cured me of my ‘shoe-a-holic fetish’, saving him both cash and space in the closet.

Note to self...."smile now baby...but we'll soon be making a trip up north and I will be taking an empty suitcase with me."

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!

Linda & Hub.