Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Maid??!

At one time or another everyone has entertained the idea of being able to have a maid. And so, last year when we finally got some furniture, Hub suggested we do just that, to free up my time from cleaning. So, when I told him “No,” he was really confused.

‘Are you nuts? All I heard for years was, you need help around the house. Now you tell me noooo???’

“Have you seen the construction around this house? It just isn’t the right time...” I try to explain.

‘OMG....you wanna clean, before a maid comes into clean don't you?!’

Well it’s been a year now and with even more crap in the house Hub has decided to try a different tactic. 

Wearing his tool belt he announces... ‘Where are my traps?’

As I continue to hang the laundry he comes closer... ‘Did you hear me?’

“Yes I hear you. So what do you want to capture now?”

Pointing into the house he explains...‘ I just saw a group of dust bunnies coming down the stairs and they’re breeding fast...they’ve made it to the living room already! We have to get them NOW!!

Putting down the clothes pins I peer through the wet laundry... “Are you telling me I don't clean properly? How 'bout you just stick a broom up my a%@ and I’ll get right on that for you.”

Taking a seat on the back stairs he watches me ... ‘I thinking it’s time to readdress the maid situation.’

“So let me get this right...She’d do the stuff I do, wash floors, stairs, clean the shelves, laundry and the like?”

He stands up and I actually see his chest puff out... ‘Of course and that means we’d have time to maybe go dancing or hit the beach and stuff.’

I throw down the wet clothes and show him how grateful I am... “Sounds good to me and the time is right...let's do it!”

Hub turns and runs over to the computer... ‘Time to make a list! And while we're at it maybe we can have her do a few of my chores too!!’

“What? Like windows, change water filters, wash the car and gates?”

‘Now you’re thinking!!’ as he sets himself up at the computer.

I finally agree...“Okay, how 'bout this...you make a list of the ladies to interview...” 

He’s almost drooling at the prospect... 'WhOOoo HoOoO!'

“And I’ll choose which one to hire!” 

‘Okay, now you’ve just taken all the fun out of this!’

“Yup! And that's just another one of my jobs too!"

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!
Linda and Hub.