Thursday, April 19, 2012

Internet AGAIN!

Leaning over my shoulder Hub asks...‘So who you calling now?’

“Carlos Slim.”

Laughing, he grabs his coffee and heads out to the deck...‘You really want to get cut off don’t you?’

“Hey!!!! He owns the damn lines down here. I would think he should take pride of ownership!!”

For those of you who haven’t read our earlier post here about the internet, I’ll wait while you check on it out. Really! Go ahead...we have time...we're retired.

And so the saga continues!

Recently Hub was working on the computer, when I hear... ‘Lindaaaa...It’s blinking some kind of code, look at the idiot sitting here watching me blink on and off.’

And so I had the opportunity to call the Gringo helpline at Telmex, our internet carrier AGAIN.

It started over the holiday weekend. I mean, why would the net go down on a regular day...oh wait, not the net...just MY internet!

'Your name pls...Your phone number pls...You computer operating system pls...'

"Yes, my phone number is ########. Yes I’m happy to talk to you too. Well my problem is the same as last year and the year internet is not working again.

They go through the usual...disconnect this...reconnect that...turn this off...and after doing all this I have to call them back, at which time I get a service reference number and am told, it will take 24-72 hours to fix, guaranteed

Can someone please tell me just what ‘guaranteed’ means????????? 

Knowing it won't get fixed today or even tomorrow we go about our daily stuff, all the while passing by the computer 'area', watching it ‘wink’ or flash at us, as if knowing some cheeky joke.

Monday I call back, bright and early .
“Yes my phone number is #######. Yes, always happy to talk to you too.” And then I get cut off!
Hmmm...I dial back immediately and go through all the same info... “yeah phone number...yeah nice talking to you too...and my computer still isn’t working. It’s the same problem we have had over the last 2 years.”

Hub peers over my shoulder and asks, ‘So what are they saying?’

Rolling my eyes... “That it’s been working since November-four months!”

“So what exactly are you going to do about this” I ask hopefully.“Ahhhh, since this is a ‘repeat’ problem I get a ‘special’ work number. How nice.” Hmmm sounds familiar?

Later in the day I call back to check on their progress.
Hub calls down from the roof...‘You’re not checking on their progress, you’re just bored!’

Ignoring him I reach the Gringo helpline again...“Yeah, yeah, my number is #######. It’s Linda and I want to know just what is being done ...” and I wait... “Yes I’m still here and yes the DSL light is still winking, flashing green. So now you’re telling me that since I called on a Saturday you didn’t start working till today???? Hmm I thought this was a 24 hour service. Ohhhhh, just not service people. So they’re working on it now? Is your manager in? Yes, I’d like to speak to him.”

I wait....

Hub calls out from the other room... 'Remember if it's the manager from last year, he probably still doesn't want to talk to me.'

Five minutes later, after I've cleaned and dusted the screen, cleaned the keyboard and filed my nails, the Gringo help desk returns...“Ohhh, he’s in a meeting is he? And he’ll call me back in 1 hour? And if he doesn’t? Ohhhhhhh you’ll call me back...and your name is????”

We wait... 

Guess who doesn’t call back!!!

Hub passes by the computers, each time letting me know.... “Linda! Make it stop!!! It’s winking at me again.”

So my question is this...

'Can someone explain to me why one of the richest men in the world, if not thee richest, depending on what year we’re talking about, why he can’t keep my damn internet working??? I speak of one Carlos Slim, world renouned for money, money and more money.

Hub shakes his head and then heads out to the deck... ‘You’re definitely going to get cut off now girl!’

“Are you kidding me? It’s the principle of the thing now!!!! I pay my bills on time. I just want a DSL line that works on time.  I’m not even gonna mention the fact that our phone line only works parttime!!!”

Hub starts watering his plants... 'Like Carlos or even Bill Gates cares about our little internet problem.'

Following him out and to make my point...“ I wonder if Carlos Slim or Bill Gates can fix their own computer problems...hmmm, maybe they can come over to figure out this problem..since it just seems to be my line and nobody else’s it shouldn't take them that long really."

‘You plan on feeding them too?’

“Only AFTER they fix my line!! " I watch Hub head out to the front of the house. "Hey where you going?” 

‘It’s garbage night.’

“Well be on the lookout for the Telmex service guy will ya.”

‘Oh yeah, like he’s just outside the gates! Or maybe he’s with Bill G. and Carlos too...all just standing there waiting to come in to fix our internet problem!!’

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.

Linda and Hub!