Sunday, May 27, 2012


A couple we met in Maz, B and K, have been dating for some time now and decided it was time to get a pet, together, after visiting a local pet store. Both being very social and active they didn’t want a pet that would require alot of maintenance, so they settled on a turtle.

Hub chimes in from the deck...‘Not just a turtle...a big ass water turtle, the size of your head!’

"Yes, he was on the large size, but they both agreed a turtle would be a good fit."

Well, as it happens in Maz, many people from north of the border head back this time of year and our friends were no different. That’s when we got a knock on the door.
Hub wasn’t home so naturally I answered it...

Sitting next to me Hub chimes in...‘I’ve told you NOT to answer the damn door! But do you listennnnn ... nooooo!’

Well, as I opened the gate there was ‘B’, standing there with 'Jorge' in his hands, a bottle of food under his arm and with a huge grin...B not Jorge. As it turns out he can’t look after their pet any longer and thought it would be a perfect fit for us since we have no kids here...and we're here all year round and could use some responsibility so as not to get completely bored.

Of course I said yes and welcomed Jorge into our concrete jungle in the backyard.

B proceeded to tell me how Jorge wouldn’t be a bother and would just fit in anywhere and proceeded to drop him into my dipping which Jorge immediately got the feel of the place.

B left our casa very happy.

Then Hub came home...‘WTF is THAT????’

“He's a water turtle, his name is Jorge and he’s going to live with us.”

Hub immediately went inside and got a cold cerveza.

After a half hour I carefully extracted Jorge from my pond and set him in the shade under the table in the middle of the courtyard, surrounded with his food pellets and some cut up veggies. With his big flipper feet and his emerald green eyes he just stared ahead.

I heard Hub from the deck...‘If you’re gonna name him...’

“Well I’m not. He’s already got a name...Jorge!”

‘Well I’ve given this careful thought and decided his name will be Sammy.’

“I’m sure you have a reason...”

Laughing and very proud of himself he went on to explain...‘ know...salmonella. And btw did you tell B what happened to our last turtle in Canada?’

“There was no need to bring up that unfortunate accident.”

‘Sure there is...don’t you think he’d like to know that you killed a tortoise, that should have lived for 50 years, in just 5 fleeting years?’

“I didn’t kill Adolph. He had an unfortunate accident, but yes, in my care.”

‘Accident???? You frigg’n fried him!’

“I did not! The tank just dried out and the heat lamp was still on.”

‘Case cooked him!’

Day 2
As the birds start singing about 4.30am here, I get up and turn on the back lights and go about watering the plants. It’s then I remember we have a new member of the family. Ok, I think we have a new couldn’t have been a dream...but where was the little angel?

Looking under all the plants...under the bbq...I finally spot Jorge-Sammy under the palm tree.

Ok, so maybe he’s ready for a swim. 
I grab some gloves, knowing that when I drag him out he'll be kicking and screaming...with his legs pulling and his sharp nails digging into my gloves. I gently put him into the water and he goes about doing what turtles do...swims for a bit and then walks around the bottom of my dipping pond. 

After a couple of hours I take him out, put him under the shade with food and water and he proceeds to sit there, looking straight ahead with his beautiful emerald green eyes.

2 hours later he’s sitting in the sun.

‘Not the brightest of the bunch huh?’ Hub calls from the back deck.

“Hey, he’s just getting oriented to his surroundings.”

Hub goes back to his book...‘Oh yeahhhhh...and I got the winning lottery ticket right here baby!’

Day 3
After a few hours of roaming around in the concrete jungle we hear a crash. Jorge has fallen off the backstairs and landed on his back.

Hub turns his head from the computer and looks outside... ‘Linda, the genius is still getting oriented.’

I rush out to turn him over, (Jorge not Hub,) and place him in the shade. I notice Hub eyeing Jorge a couple of times throughout the day.

“What are you doing???”

‘Nothing special...Just trying to tell the Big T there, telepathically to save himself and get the hell away from you..what with your track record with turtles.’

“Telepathically...yeah, right Spock!” as I grab my gloves, then Jorge and head to the pond for some exercise...after which Jorge sits under the table all afternoon...staring at us with those emerald green eyes.

A couple of hours later we hear the crash again from the back deck.

‘Hey Linda. The Big T is sunbathing on his back again.’

Day 4
Finishing his outdoor shower, Hub asks...‘So when exactly are YOU planning on using the dipping pond yourself?’

“Hey I sit on the edge and put my feet in while Jorge is swimming. Cools me off great actually!”

‘We didn’t have that damn pond built for a turtle!’

 “Speaking of Jorge..”

‘You mean Sammy.’

Frantically I look around...“Whateverrrr...where is he now?”

Finding him tangled up in the pond pump again, I carefully move him to the shade and proceed to barricade the pump with large potted plants. “Just try to get in there now Houdini!”

Day 5
Seeing the heavy potted plants have been moved and Jorge nestled around the pond pump again I know what I have to do. 
I make the call.

“B! It’s me. You have to come and get Jorge...”

Day 6
B arrived and after hearing of Jorge’s many exploits in our concrete jungle he left with Jorge, the turtle in hand...the one with the big feet and emerald green eyes.

Hub waved just a little too enthusiastically....

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!

Linda and Hub