Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Year resolutions and Retirement Hints

Everyone makes and breaks New Years resolutions, I included. This year I took the high road and made just one...

1. Will have more patience with Hub.

I also decided to welcome the new year in with a new hair colour.

Hub passed me in the hall. 
‘WTF!! Did you know your hair is jet black?

“It’s the Mexican dark brown...wrong packaging.”

‘Well, you look like Elvis!’

So much for 2013 New Years resolution!

And after 2 years here and a new year upon us it's time for reflection...things we've discovered.
10 things we've learned since retirement

1. As soon as you retire, sell the big ass family home and its contents. 

Buy or rent a condo or apt with one or two bedrooms...big enough for you and your spouse...too small for kids to return to the nest. Or leave the country!

2. If you purchase a condo or apt you are not responsible for any of the major repairs. As such your spouse will become very bored, quickly. Look around the place and find stuff that he can fix like a broken chair leg or have him put up a curtain rod. 

If there's nothing to fix, break something.

3. Make sure you have a minimum of 2 televisions and 2 computers. This will save alot of time arguing.

4. Suggest he take up a hobby. 
Maybe cooking or cleaning, but this can be tricky. You must NEVER criticize how he does it. 

Instead...leave the house and have cocktails with your friends.

5. Upon retirement men go back to childhood games and like hear themselves.

6. If he hasn't talked to you in a while, just go into this room. As the door closes it's a guarantee that he will want to discuss something with you immediately.

7. If his stuff gets to be too much, borrow something he really needs. 

He will spend all day re-organizing his stuff, just trying to find it. 

Later, come out with it and say you found!

8. Praise him on what a great job he did on last night dishes. Encourage by mentioning his nails never looked better!

9. Naps or siestas are a wonderful thing and not just for the young. I of course consider a bed or hammock a great place to enjoy them. Hub on the other hand uses the big ass lazyboy right in the living room while I’m talking!

10. Make sure he has a friends and  buddies of his own. 

They will take up his time and leave you free to do things he doesn’t want to do.

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan, our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub