Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

The weather is now cooler and the nights are longer, which is a sure indication that the holidays are upon us, even here in Mazatlan. 

After much discussion our Christmas decorations finally got up the first week of December. 

There isn’t alot, but we have lovely white feather boas on shelves with plenty of red, white and green shiny balls, as well as lots of white garland wrapped carefully around the stair railings to the second floor. 

After a couple of days of admiring my work I see Hub looking out the door and doing a little dance ...‘They’re here!!’

“Who’s here?” I ask with concern.

‘The boys of course!’

Closing my eyes and saying a prayer, I proceed to pour a very strong cocktail and try to avoid throwing a heavy Christmas bell at Hub.
Sure enough, they come into the house all smiling and chatting away. Tools are carried up the roof. Cement is brought into the front courtyard. Dirt is delivered and dumped in front of the house.

Hub is in his glory as he points out the work that needs to be done after making out all his lists and I’m not talking Christmas lists!

Day 2
The banging starts...and Hub heads to the roof to direct.

It’s not the biggest renovation job we’ve had done here, but this one includes ripping up all the one year old tiles and replacing a 2 yr old ‘on demand hot water tank’.

The hammering continues.

Day 3
I hear Hub yelling from the top floor, under the misguided impression that I can actually make out what he’s saying. 

I go outside to try and use skype to call family and friends. No such luck...the noise is so bad nobody can here me.

Circular saws have now been fired up.

Day 8
The tiles have now been almost completely removed and what better time to have rain!!!

Hub looks out at the mild flooding taking place in our backyard. He’s whining about how we aren’t supposed to have rain until next May or June.

Just as he goes into whining, part 3 our doorbell rings.

I think to myself ‘How nice...a visitor in the rain!’

Just then Hub comes running in and flies up the stairs with the greatest of eaze...amid all his huffing, puffing and bitching.

Turns out ‘the boys’ cut through one of our waterlines and there’s water spewing off the roof deck amid the unscheduled wind and rain!

Day 12
The shelter to protect all the mechanical stuff on the roof has taken shape and it's starting to look good. 

But later, Hub is standing at the bottom of the stairs holding his fists tight and I'm sure I saw smoke coming out of his ears ...‘I told you I should be watching them more!’

“Hey, you didn’t like having a boss hanging over your shoulders! What makes you think these guys do?”

‘Well, I hope you’re happy!’

I pour myself a tea and look around for something stronger, knowing this rant is going to take a while.

‘The venting is all wrong on the shed and the first set of tiles that were laid down are wrong, so they're ripping them up, again!!!’

Grabbing his tools, Hub informs me...‘I've got to tell them how to do it right!!’

Standing in front of Hub I voice my opinion... 
“Don’t even think about bugging those guys. They have hammers, chisels and they work in cement. I’m sure they would know how to dispose of something that bugs them!!!!”

Day 15

I really think I see deep frown lines appearing on Hubs face. This is definitely going to take longer than we had thought!!! 
Stay tuned for further updates.

On a side note...we had a bbq tonight. The food was great once Hub hosed down one of our palm trees that he accidently set on FIRE!

Just a few thoughts from two Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.

Linda and Hub