Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kids, grandkids and home computers

Many moons ago, when 'the kid' was very young, I took night school classes in computer programming. I actually got quite good at it, if I do say so myself. 

But when 'the kid' got older and we found miles of blue cable running all over our house, I stopped my programming and Hub and I let 'the kid' take over. 

In fact, he got so good at it, he does it for a living now.

Fast forward 20+ years. 
So, as we're not in Canada anymore, we tend to rely on the computer for our information.

Today I opened the door to the deck and yelled out to my husband of almost 40 years... “ 'the kid' is holding our gbaby birthday pictures hostage!”

Ever calm, he drinks his coffee and asks...‘What the hell are you talking about woman?’...as he continues to watch Luqui, our dog, chase bugs.

“Gbaby #2 just had her second birthday party...”

‘And the term hostage fits in where exactly?’ he asks as he starts chasing the dog, who’s found a bumble bee.

As he inspects the dogs mouth for bees I tell him...“Well 'the kid' says the pictures are on Facebook...”

“So I asked 'the kid' to send us pictures of the party. The pictures everyone is telling me about!”

‘Uh huh...’ as Hub forces Luquis mouth open and starts digging around.

“Well, he said... they’re on Facebook. Learn how to use it! How cheeky!!!!! I don’t know where your son learns this kind of tactic.”

I watch Hub get up for another coffee, not wanting to get involved...

“Sooooo, I emailed him back and asked...you mean you’re actually holding the pictures hostage?!

And he wrote back...

Youuuu betcha!!!”

I watch Hub laugh, cough and spit out his coffee all over the back deck.

“Don't you think after giving birth to him he would take pity on a technically, challenged old lady!...Well wouldn't you?

The dog looks at Hub...

Hub looks at the dog...

and they both look over at me.

“Whatttt? You guys think I have all the time in the world?! I’ve done my learnin...I know email...
blogging...online accounts and Skype. I’m retired! You’re the one with the Facebook account...

YOU learn it and save my gbabys pictures from this hostage situation!” I turn on my heels and slam the screen door behind me.

As I look back, I see Hub talking to his dog... ‘You know...if we wait a few more years, the grandkids will be able to send the pictures to her themselves and voila! problem solved!

Just a day in the life of two Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise!

Hub and Linda