Friday, May 10, 2013

What's retirement like?

We've now reached an age when many of our friends are approaching retirement of their own and there's always that one question.... ‘Soooo, how is it, really?’

I glare at Hub before he starts to answer our guests...


“You know!”

‘OK....It’s wonderful. It’s the best time of my life.’

The couple looks at each other with excitement.


Leaning back on his chair, he looks at me like a kid playing a prank.

“Don’t be messing with them. They want to really know!”

‘Alright! Soooo, do you guys argue now?’

I see the couple look at each other and nod slowly.

‘Well, all that has been your training period.’

I offer them both a cocktail and give them more detail.... “Remember those little things you thought were cute about each other?

Hub and I watch them ponder the question slowly.

Well, great ready...those cute little things will turn into huge arguments, when you’re with each other 24/7!”

We watch the glazed look appear in their eyes, as they take it all in.

Hub looks at me and then turns back to our guests...‘We've actually heard of one couple that are truly like one. Can’t understand it really but, rumor has it.’

“Of course it could be just a legend too,” I quickly point out.

Even so, everyone we know, that has retired together, can’t believe how they got here either!

It really is truly amazing!

Hub agrees...‘Yeah, that and the fact we haven't killed each other. 

Or met with a divorce lawyer” I quickly point out.

Hey now, that's just crazy talk woman!

“OMG you mean that honey?

Certainly...we're on a pension now. It's toooo expensive to get divorced!

Just a couple thoughts from two Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan....our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub