Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer vacation and the couch

It was time to make my annual pilgramage to Ontario Canada...And, not wanting to visit in the cold or wet season of spring or fall, and NEVER needing to see snow again, I chose July. Well, I didn't actually choose July...the airlines chose it for me and not at any great savings either. 
Seems people don't want to travel north in July, 
go figure!

"So are you going to join me? " I ask Hub.

With no real emotion Hub walks by and informs me...'I'd like to but I have to wait for the dogsitter to return.'

"So in other words I'm going solo? And just how are you planning on getting there this year?"

'Actually I haven't decided...could fly or maybe  drive. I'll have to wait and see.'

"But I thought you wanted to pick up some large stuff? Like a couch or that big ass coffee machine!"

'Hey, I'll let you know once you're there...' and off he went to his garage, with our dog following him like a shadow.

Well after a month of being with friends and family, I had time to find just the couch I know he would love in our livingroom. I say I know, because he gave me great details before leaving. So, together we chatted on skype...

"So are you coming up here or what??? I only ask because people are starting to wonder if you died and I just haven't told anybody. Ohhh and I found THE couch of your dreams. It feels good, looks good and best of all it will fit in the back of our truck when you drive up."

'Well, I've been re-thinking the mode of transportation Linda. It's gonna cost thousands just to drive know insurance, re-licensing the plate, hotels, tolls and of course my coffee maker, so maybe I'll just fly.'

"But what about the couch?!!" I ask in a panic. 

'Well I've thought of that's the deal. I'll drive up in the truck but you have to drive back with me! We could spend quality time together!'

"Are you out of your frigg'n mind? Seven days and six nights in an enclosed space...just the two of us? Nothing is worth that!"

'Well, that's my condition.'

"So let me get this're holding my...I mean our couch hostage?!!"

'Well when you put it like that it does sound like it...soooo, YES.'

"Did you even figure into your equation that one of us would be dead or left on the side of the road with the couch?"

'Those are my terms...take it or leave it...' he announces calmly.

Hmmmm, is that soooo, I say to myself and then whisper as my finger accidentally hits the 'end skype call'..."Oooppsss!!!

Just a day in the life of a retired Canadian couple, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub