Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grand-babies and vacation 2013

So I arrived in Canada to stay with our 'kid' and his wife along with their children, our gbabies...'M' a 5 year old boy and 'P' a 2 year old girl. 

Hub will arrive a month later...the day 'M' goes back to school. Definitely planned I'm sure.

If you're not living with creatures of this age anymore, sit back and get ready for a ride...And if you are living with children of this age, I'm sure you know where the cocktails are, so we'll wait before I begin.


After being in Mazatlan for almost a year since the last visit, I now REALLY appreciate the quiet and slow paced lifestyle, where we hear the birds, a dog barking in the distance and people laughing and partying throughout the day. But here, it's the parents of a 5 yr old boy and a 2 yr old out that I hear....

1.  'M' get off your sister!

2.  Stop your pinching!!!

3.  'P' drop the cat!

4.  'M' go sit in the corner for a time out!

5.  Stop biting!

6.  'M' stop playing with your nipples at the dinner table!

7.  'P' leave your brother alone!

8.  Both of you stop jumping on the bed!

9.  Go sit in the corner for a time out NOW!

10. Stop running in the house

11. 'M' did you hit her?

12. Did you wet the bed again?

13. 'M' the cats did NOT close the shower door on themselves!


15. 'P' let go of your brother, NOW!

16. You kids get away from the gate!

17.Get your foot out of your mouth.

18. 'M' there will be NO spitting in this house!

19. Both of you get away from that window.

20. Put the cat down NOW!

21. 'M' Stop picking your nose.

22. 'P' Sit on your bum NOW!

23. 'M' it's not any ones birthday...stop singing happy birthday!

24. 'M' nobody wants to see your butt. Pull your pants up, NOW!

25. And the best one....our lovely daughter in law was pulled over at 11AM for a 'ride program' with both kids in the back seat. The officer was pleasant, chatted, looked in the back seat and asked...'Is there a reason why the boy isn't wearing his seat belt?' Turns out Hudini was bored.

Hub skyped today and when I asked how his day was going he said...'pretty good, quiet and sunshining.'

Accidentally I hit the disconnect button...ooops!

Just a day in the life of 2 Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise.

Linda and Hub