Thursday, December 1, 2016

Baby it's cold out there!

There's nothing like Mazatlan when the heat breaks around end of this morning...

I grabbed my morning tea and got ready to head outside.

Luqui wasn't impressed as I tried to unlock the door while carrying the tea..and food for Charlie the Iguana. 

As I managed to make it through the door and leisurely walked over to the patio table I set all the stuff down carefully...

Looking around quickly, I turn and run back inside...passing Hub on the landing I fly up the stairs.

'What the hell are you doing woman?'

"It's cold out there!"

'I can't be that was like 85F just yesterday.'

Going through my dresser I find what I was looking for. 

Quickly changing into more appropriate attire, 

I ran into Hub just going outside.
"You know it's cold out there?"

'Ohh don't be such a baby Linda..' I hear as he opens the door.

Sitting back I enjoy my lukewarm tea and watch him as he casually comes out the door in his morning tshirt and shorts...and then 
watch him make a quick exit.

Looking around I don't see the Iguana which means it either tooo early for Charlie or tooo frigg'n cold.

I hear the door slam and turn to see Hub walking out wearing jacket, long sleeve shirt, long pants and a hat!

Standing up I give him my hand..."Hiiiii. You must be baby #2...nice to meetcha."

'This isn't funny Linda. '

"Do you remember when we arrived 6 years ago and we laughed at the stores that were selling winter jackets and boots!"

'Well I'm thinking boots would be a good thing right about now.'

"It says it's 68F."

'Don't care! It's cold woman and I wouldn't be surprised if it snows anytime soon.'

"Now who's being the baby? 

We're just climatized and besides, the weatherman says 82F this afternoon."

'Yeah...but are you actually looking at the Maz weather or something further Tobago?'

Just another day in the life of two retired Canadians,
living and loving it in Mazatlan...
our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub