Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shopping and Chores

This is something that Hub enjoys as much as a root canal. Shopping is not even near his top ten list, unless it’s in some kind of Hardware store.

Now, I’m the first to admit I’m no “June Cleaver”, and fabric stores scare me and bore me to tears. But Hub and I do agree on the kind of store to do our shopping. Unfortunately he likes the rural, and older the better. Those places filled with old tools and smells that should have you putting on a mask before you even go through the front door...while I prefer Home Depot. Ahhhh yes, in Maz we do have a touch of home!

Now keep in mind, after all these years Hub and I have come to an understanding...he looks after the ‘guts’ of a house, while I hand over my cash and make it a home.

Water filters, security gates and gas lines get his heart pumping, while I go right for the plants, cleaning supplies and anything electrical.

He makes the house run, and I do appreciate the hard work and even his broken Spanish and sign language. I, on the other hand, try to make it liveable...like moving his tools, ladders, boxes, more tools and stuff, from one room to another. Oh, did I mention he doesn’t just buy A ladder. Ohhhh no, he has to purchase TWO, plus a couple of step stools...you would think I’d married a midget!

He doesn’t buy one drill...heaven forbid! No, he has to get 5 drills and all the accessories to go with each one. (Did I mention he had to DRIVE all this crap 3,000 miles so he wouldn’t be without!!!)

Now, I might buy one light fixture (that I install myself) but then again I can’t leave Home Depot without buying at least 10 solar lights. This makes sense to me...we get to enjoy 365 days of sun here, why not use it! It doesn’t cost us anything...bonus!

He heads back to the tool section just in case he’s missed something that he just HAS to have.

He buys WD40, brushes and sand paper, so he can fight the ever present rust...I pickup bleach and vinegar.

He gets a dozen locks, keys and a big ass safe...I get the brooms, Lysol wipes and some more bleach.

He gets anything stainless steel so it doesn’t rust (as fast)...I head for the plastics, or as we say here, plasticos and some more bleach!

He tells me to choose the colour of paint for the hallway, but hints that he wants something tropical and bright. After I do the painting he complains it’s not to his liking.

I tell him..."repaint it yourself!!!!" He decides he can live with it.

It’s a battle that’s been going on for 36+ years, but it works. A job needs to be done...and I wait...and wait...ok I wait some more...and in his own time it does get done.

I tell him...”it’s fabulous”.... then point out the list on the counter with another 12 jobs to be done.

Satisfied with himself he puts his tools away (ok, not completely) and heads to the hammock, waving his hand and calling out...”Mazatlan wasn’t built in a day. Calm down. We’re in paradise...relax and enjoy it!”

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub