Friday, September 16, 2011

Sleep? What's that?

Summer is now fading in Mazatlan.

Oh don’t feel bad. The weather is still 90+ with humidity averaging in the mid 70’s, day and night. It’s also the time when the snow birds will be returning from north of the border, nationals have finished their summer holidays and the kids are back in school.

This year also marks the year of the Bicentennial Celebrations in Mexico. This wonderful country is commemorating 200 years of Independence from Spanish rule and 100 years of its Revolution.
The official date for Independence was today, September 16th. But only in Mexico where you can be late for appointments, even miss a scheduled meeting and no one bats an eye or apologizes, they start the Independence celebrations not just on time but early!!!!! 

You see, yesterday started out like any other normal day, hot and humid. So after doing the usual household stuff around here and some shopping, we turned on the A/C and spent the afternoon reading and watching movies. We decided to call it a night and went to bed by 10.45pm.
That’s when it started!

Just after 11pm there was a boom and a flash of light...

Hub jumped out of the bed like his butt was on fire and raced to the window, throwing open the curtains to find, not another lightning storm... but fireworks!

Yes, it was official...the lazy, hazy days of summer were coming to an end and the Nationals had once again realized that the sun had gone down and it was time for those frigg’n fireworks!!!

Now I’m not talking about a few big, illuminating fireworks.

In Mexico fireworks mean...big...humongous...extraordinary...all with repeat firing of blinding light and ear splitting noise.

Another boom, boom and the sky lights up like daylight.

Hub, always wanting to get involved in the culture...”So are you gonna come and see them?”

Taking the pillow off my head...“Why? We saw them all last season. They’re big...they’re noisy and I’m too tired.”

So, we 2 expats went back to bed and slept through the celebration.

2.30am...Hubs snoring softly but I hear music and I can’t go back to sleep.
I crawl out of bed and in the dark go to the window. There’s no fireworks, although there is some lightning but I still hear music....

I go downstairs and make tea, and head up to the the door and I’m blasted with not music but the Mexican all time favourite– karaoke! where the machines are rented...the chairs are rented.. and the tables are rented.

Now come on...we're not prudes...and we're certainly not too old to remember having a good time...but it’s loud! And it’s BAD!!!

3.15am...There isn’t one voice that has hit anywhere near a correct note through all the numbers, and then their favourite comes on. With a resounding whooping, hollering and raised’s the early morning special...YMCA!!

Now, even though everyone knows the words, these singers just can’t seem to hit the notes and by this time it’s grinding on my nerves. But wait! Oh good people are arriving....laughing, slapping each other on the back and kissing each other as they make their way into the party house next door filled with 20-something partiers.

3.45am...the conga line starts.

5.00pm...the singers stagger out to their cars, wave their goodbyes and leave the neighbourhood in silence!

I breathe a sigh of relief and go back to bed knowing full well this is just the start. There’s still the Day of the Dead, Revolution Day, Christmas, New Years and then the world famous-Carnavel!!!!!

Hub is still snoring.

“Where are those damn ear plugs??!”

So welcome to the new 2011 season in Mazatlan..the place where the sun goes down means fireworks and when the sun comes up, that means another hot and humid day to enjoy the sun, sand and life in this hard working, party city we call home!

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.
Linda and Hub.