Saturday, July 28, 2012


Come on...I mean really...who goes on vacation and starts a diet at the same time???

Hub, that’s who!

As we land at the airport, he leans over and whispers...‘We need to exercise more.’

“We’ll be living with a 4 and a 1 year old. That’s more than enough exercise for me fella!”

‘Well, we should at least diet,’ he explains as he struggles with the suitcases.

Ok, those are fighting words to any woman...WEEE need a diet! 

Vacation Day 5

Hub’s still sticking to his diet, and now exercising daily.

'It's hard, but I feel good,' as he explains.

"Well we've been invited out for dinner. You coming along...Atkins boy?"

'Yeah, but I'll be bringing my own food.'

Vacation Day 10

Hub’s still on track, but now I hear... ‘Linda...the scales are wrong.’

“Are you actually standing on it?”

‘Yeah, smart ass and I haven’t lost a damn thing in a few days,’ as he proceeds to beat up the scales.

Vacation Day 15

Making breakfast for the family, and of course the ‘same ol’ stuff for Hub, I ask my daughter-in-law... “Where’s Hub?”

‘He went that away. I think he's dressing the 4 year old dress for daycare.’

“OMG nooooo! Don’t ever let Hub dress a child!”

Just then I pass the little one, standing at the kitchen door, showing his mom his new morning attire.

I hear his mother yell from the kitchen...‘get the underwear off your head, now!’

Vacation Day 16

‘Are you going grocery shopping today?’ Hub asks over his morning coffee.

“Don’t I always?”

‘Well I need a few things,’ as he quickly makes out his list.

“ me guess. Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon, eggs, nuts, cheese...”

‘I knew there was a reason I married you.’

“Yeah amazing, I can remember a list.” Actually it’s become a ritual...Diet = Atkins and that means the same ol' things as well
as breakfast, every morning.  Now I’m all for eating well, but I’ve specifically left out one item he finds necessary for every meal.

‘What happened to the garlic!!!' 

“You sure you really want that again?”

‘It says it’s good for me.’

“Well the gbabies are telling people ...Pappa smells.” Actually I don’t know which is worse...the garlic seeping through his pores or when he tells the 4 year old to... ‘Pull my finger!’

"Why do men think this is soooo funny???"

Linda & Hub
Living and loving it in Mazatlan.