Sunday, August 26, 2012


After being away for some time, we arrived in Canada to spend time with our son, ‘the kid’ and his wife, ‘d-in-law’ and our grandbabies, ‘gbaby #1, 4yrs old and the newest member of our clan gbaby #2, one year old.’

Upon seeing the kid and d-in-law we recognize the joy in their eyes as they announced… ‘we are soooo happy to see you!’

The feeling of love and pride is short lived when gbaby #1 discovered Pappa had returned… ‘Pappaaaa! You wanna play hide and seek?’

Colour drained from Hub’s face. He knew what was coming next…

Everyday, without missing a beat, gbaby #1 would stand at the banaster, lean over so as to be heard, anywhere from 4.30-5.20am, and shout… ‘Pappa are you up yet?’

Followed by… ‘How was your nap Pappa?’
And then… ‘Pappa, wanna play tag? Wanna play hide and seek Pappa? Wanna play ball Pappa? Pappa wanna play video games?’

Weeks pass by and gbaby #1 is glued to Hub like an appendage.

When Hub goes out for any reason, gbaby #1 is always waiting at the door upon his return asking… ‘How was your day Pappa? Wanna play video games now Pappa?’

The summer goes by swiftly and Hub is exhausted!

He returns to Maz before I do and the morning he leaves, he’s up at l.30am, showered, dressed and quietly walking out his luggage for the car service to pick him up.

Waving him off  at 3am I see him smile and wave out the window on his way to the airport.
Hmmm that was strange. Why is he smiling???

But the next morning I soon realize why he was smiling...He knew the joke was on me...because at 4.55 am gbaby #1 was sitting on the top of the stairs, not calling Pappa...but now...

‘Glamma are you awake???? You wanna play ball?’

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.

Linda and Hub

NOTE: The use of the term 'Glamma' is NOT a spelling error.

The 'kid' was advised early on that although society says I am a Grandmother I can also be glamorous when need any grandchildren will have a choice. They can address me as 'Glamma' or 'Mrs. Hub!'