Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vacation is over

Well, we've returned to Paradise, after spending time with the ‘kid’ and ‘d-in-law’ and the ‘gbabies’ in Canada. Infact, I was having such a good time I stayed one month longer than Hub, so i waved him goodbye as he returned on his own.

Now over the 37+ years together we have had separate vacations before, but never for a month and now I know why.

As I entered our home I came face to face with ‘the college age bachelor pad!’

“WTF happened?”

Whacha talking about?’ answers dazed.

“The housekeeper did come in before you got back, right?”

‘Oh yeah...she did a great job!’


‘Well I have been here for a month, alone.’

I walk over to the diningroom chairs and hold up shirts and shorts... “And these belong down here, because?”

‘They’re drying.’

Lifting the clothes off the couch I ask... “And these are here why?”

‘They’ve dried.’

Feeling my blood pressure rising I slowly venture into the kitchen and discover there is NO counter space... “And all these med’s, vitamins and booze bottles are here because??”

‘Lindaaaa it was just easier.’

I look over at the lovely coffee bar we had built in order to house his coffee paraphernalia. I turn and ask... “And what’s with the coffee bar?”

‘What’s your problem?’

“Let's have one coffee maker on the kitchen counter, which I’m not finished talking about yet fella AND now, here, there’s two more coffee makers PLUS 23 cups! When are we ever going to use 23 cups????”

‘Hey we could entertain!’

“Well did you while I was gone?”

‘No, but I could have.’


I shake my head and see our lovely Mexican chair we had purchased last year. Taking all the scuba gear off and from under it, I drop it into the middle of the floor... “And you haven’t used this stuff in three months! Why is it all still here?”

Leaning against the back door he casually explains in man-speak...‘I might be using it.’

I watch him go over to the couch, where I lean over and ask ...“And do we have a date for this aquatic adventure?”


Later I go to the fridge to check what needs to be picked up... “OMG there’s no room in the fridge!”

Peeking around the corner Hub announces...‘Yeah I did a little shopping.’

“Meds, beer, alcohol, and coffee are not classed as shopping! How old are you????”

The next day I've calmed down somewhat and besides I have a few things to do, so I take out a wrench and then have to put it down to answer the phone.

That's when Hub comes running up behind me and grabs the sacred tool... 


‘Hey...there’s a place for this you know!’

Looking around the house I fall back onto a chair covered in clothes and ask him...“Are you kidding me???”

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!

Linda and Hub