Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cruise

Although Hub and I are both retired and on a fixed income, we have our own way of doing things... 

I take my time and scout out the best deal on shoes...

he orders up a Caribbean Cruise during hurricane season on the internet.

Day 1
After waiting over 4 hours to board our cruise to the eastern Caribbean we are finally on deck enjoying a few well deserved cocktails where I point out...“Hey it’s not so bad. I don’t know what people are talking about. I don’t feel sick at all.”

‘Linda, we haven’t left port yet.’

Later that evening after we have settled into our postage sized cabin or pod, we set sail and finally get underway...

‘You coming to dinner?’ Hub asks, not wanting to miss anything from the buffet stations.

“No. I’m thinking I might just stay right here, in this chair, for the next 8 days.”

‘Feeling sick? Don't worry it’ll pass.’

“No, not sick. They just have to stop the damn boat! I feel like I’m learning to walk all over again.”

Day 2
After walking like a drunken sailor for 2 days we finally stop at ‘an’ island...

‘You going ashore?’... Hub asks as he checks out his diving gear.

Standing at the cabin/pod door I help him with his stuff...“No, I'm thinking shopping is called for!”
Hub turns around quickly in the hall... ‘Linda your shopping bills are starting to exceed the GNP of some countries. We must talk bout this.’

“And you have a nice time too dear!” as I close the Barbie sized door behind him.

I do make it off the ship later in the morning after visiting many other floors, looking for the way off the boat. 

Day 3
Hub has decided to join me for my one off-ship excursion...horseback riding, and upon leaving the ship Hub's starting to sound like 'Christopher Robin' as he gives his weather forecast... “tutt tutt, looks like rain.”
And sure soon as we arrive at the location, it starts to spit...then pickup speed to a downpour.

That's when Hub makes another observation...
‘Hey Linda! Didn’t know we were having wet tshirt contests today!’

After 2 hours of rain and wet horses we make it back to our cabin/pod...
As I go inside I ask the question...“Are we in the right pod?
Opening the Barbie size door, I go back out to the hall and check the number... “Ok, this room is getting smaller!”

Day 4
Hub’s sitting in the diningroom as I approach and he asks the same question whenever he sees me now... ‘Where the hell have you been? It’s been like an hour since you left.’

“Checking out the boat.”

‘You got lost again, didn’t you?’

Sitting down, I correct him...“Hey, I call it discovering!”

Actually, I am spending alot of time taking the wrong elevator...ending up at the wrong end of the boat...looking up and down hallways to see if anything looks familiar, which of course it does since every floor is designed the same! 

Who’s bright idea was that!???

Laughing too loud he reaffirms...

‘ got lost!’

Day 8
On our last day we do have one last excursion, but first we have to make all our stuff fit back into the suitcases, which I know have shrunk since unpacking 8 days ago.

Lugging all our stuff out into the hall, I hear Hub huffing and puffing... ‘follow me or we’ll never get off this ship!’

Closing our Barbie size door for the last time I wave goodbye to our stewards, who have managed to remember our names for 8 days and were always ready to point me in the right direction.

With our bags loaded up we arrive at our ‘Gator tour’ with those airboats. Ok this could be pretty cool. 

Well, after almost an hour we have seen one ‘gator’ laying in the water and then we are shuffled along to the ‘gator show’ where we witness 5 HuGe beasts laying in a fenced ring. 

When the trainer comes out and I see a few of them open their enormous jaws and SNAP them shut I decide I’ve had enough and we head into the restaurant. 

I opt for a hotdog and onion rings while our friends and Hub, always willing to try something new, order up the deep fried ‘gator bites!’

Looking at them I just have to ask...“Ok, sooo where do they get this stuff???? Do they have like ‘gator farms’ where they raise them for food or do they wait for an ol’ one to pass on and then fry’m up???

We watch Hub dig around in his salad with his fingers. I can't eat this! There's a live bug in the salad!

You've got to be kidding me. You're eating gator and you're worried about a little bug????

Well, after being up for 22 hrs we finally make it back to our casa, to a house that is not Barbie sized and where I don’t have to do any kind of discovering

The next day Hubs on the internet after getting his second wind and inquires... ‘So, you wanna do that again?’

I have what they call a 'Cruise cold', so I've taken to my bed, coughing and sneezing, pulling the covers over my head, not wanting to even think about buffet food, learning to walk again, wet horses, loud speakers or getting lost on a boat! 'Aaaacheww!'

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan!

Linda and Hub.