Friday, November 16, 2012


‘It'll be great Linda!’ Hub explains excitedly. We can drive down to Maz in six days and see the sights along the way!’

OMG...six days...trapped...I mean together??!! I don't think so!

‘Well I’m doing it!’ he said like a stubborn child.

“Then I’ll see you in six days. And BTW you can pick me up at the airport then. 

We had discovered early on, Maz drivers are just nuts, so I wouldn't be driving in Maz. Hub could do it. And if not there's plenty of taxis, pulmonias and even buses available.

At once time the main roads had lanes that WERE clearly marked, years ago, but have now faded with time. Drivers make their own lanes. It’s really quite simple...if there’s even a chance of some room, there’s a, buses, trucks, bikes and motorcycles live together on the roads in Mazatlan.

So, when Hub did pick me up at the airport and I was buckled safely into the passengers side I shouted at him...“Did you just see that?  Look!!!” 

It was a small motorcycle carrying two adults, to small children and not a helmet in sight. I’ve since discovered it’s quite common here.

Looking at the rear view mirror Hub adds... ‘Take a look at what’s coming up your side.’

Turning around I shrug... “It’s a pickup truck.”

‘Just wait’ Hub announces patiently.

As I continue looking out my side of the car I see the truck..first the cab and then the back...where a whole family is sitting along with two old ladies, each sitting on one of those white, plastic chairs. 

“OMG you've got to be kidding me...” I shout as I roll down the window for a better look. Just then a lone motorcycle zips up beside us, and damn near takes my arm off... 

“HEY??!! Where the hell did he come from????” I scream as I almost strangle myself with the seatbelt.

As I roll my eyes I hear Hub lecturing me again...‘I’ve told you to stay IN the car!’

Later in the week I mention to Hub that I need something from Home Depot.

‘We were just there yesterday. We’re not going back again Linda, that’s just crazy!’

“Well I need it” as I shout back, stomping out of the room like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum, grabbing the car keys and announcing...“Then I’ll go myself!!”

‘Do you even know how to get there?’

Muttering to myself about being a grown woman I jump in the car and turn the key, feeling empowered immediately... 

“Damn it!” I curse to myself remembering I have to manually open the garage door before my independence can actually start.

Turning onto the main road I tell myself... “Hey! I can do this! I’ve lived in a major city almost all my life AND I’ve driven in and out of Toronto hundreds of times. I can do this!!! (as I say a little prayer before I head into the traffic.)

Well, I did do it, much to Hubs surprise and the car came back in one piece. I, on the other hand immediately made myself a large cocktail and went out to the deck.

‘ you doing?’ he asks all concerned like.

“Great...yup, great (as I try to steady my nerves) and I’ll have another” as I hand him my empty glass.

Well, that was a few years ago. I now drive all over the place, shopping of course.

Those zipping motorcycles and buses are still a driving hazard, but I’ve come to realize that driving here is not all that bad, IF you just accept the fact that you have to look left, right, front and then back repeatedly all the time...

...and ALWAYS know where your horn it located.

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan.

Linda and Hub