Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The A/C experience

We Canadians are a hearty bunch.

We enjoy four seasons each year, and have learned just what has to be done before a season actually arrives. 
For example, in Ontario, Hub would make a game of how long he could leave the air conditioner in the window, before he had to take it out for winter!

Oct would come and go and he wouldn’t bite.

The cold winds of November would arrive and still I would hear, ‘there’s plenty of time.’

December 1st would sneak up on him and again... ‘Don’t worry!’ as he got out his shovels and snow blower, just to be ready.

But then the first major snowfall would arrive, and I would hear Hub yelling as he runs down the hall... ‘Linda! Get the kid! It’s time!’

And so, father and son would get dressed for the Arctic, grab the ladders and tools, and proceed to squeeeeeze out the A/C, then put the window back in, all before a foot of snow made it back into the house.

It was the same plan only in reverse, when they had to put the A/C back IN, except the weather would have to reach the temperature of 'how as hell', at which point Hub would yell down the stairs... ‘Linda! Get the kid! It’s A/C time!’

Flash forward to Mazatlan, where there’s no snow and no kid to help Hub.

Sweating from every pore in my body I ask Hub... “Sooooo, got any plans as to when the A/C will be turned on this year?”

Standing in his shorts, he informs me...‘I have to call the A/C guy to clean it first.’

“Are you frigg'n kidding me??? The temp is reading 94F in the shade!”

Eyeing me, he reluctantly makes the call.

After watching the guys work on three units and finish in 3 hrs....

I head towards one of the A/C remotes and Hub blocks my way and tells me...‘Don’t touch it yet!!!’


The rainy season is coming soon, and that means I have to spray the place for scorpions now.

Reaching for a bucket I tell him...“I’m sure they’re already fried, in this heat,” as I drop the pail of water over my head.

Raising his finger to make a point he tells me...‘Listen! It will take a few days to get the smell out of the house...so, NO A/C till then!’

Muttering to myself I go outside, lay down in the shade, and raise my own finger...in a salute in protest.

Just a day in the life of 2 Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan....
our paradise home.

Linda and Hub