Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We're backkkkk!

For those of you who have been following our blog, I’m happy to say we are back in Mazatlan after spending the summer with the gbabies, family and friends. Having had a fabulous time with everybody, we are now back to ‘real’ life and day one has begun...

Two hours after paying the cab driver and dragging the luggage inside, Hub is under the stairs.

“Are you planning on unpacking your suitcases anytime soon?” I ask Hub as he hunts for the television remotes and chargers.

‘I’ll get to it. I need to find the A/C remote so I can set up the machine’... I hear from under the stairs.

“Well, I did notice you couldn’t wait to unpack your frigg’n coffee machine.”

‘Hey!!! You brought back 15 pairs of shoes. This machine was extremely important to me...and besides, you got a new suitcase out of it, one with those twirly wheels you’re always going on about.’ 

So the story goes...Hub couldn’t take back his huge coffee maker to Canada to get fixed, so he did the best thing...he bought ANOTHER coffee maker in Canada and brought it down here.

The new total is four coffee machines and 2 french press' in our casa and keep in mind I don’t drink coffee

But to make himself feel better and to stop my huh, nagging, he shopped with a measuring tape in hand for weeks and measured almost every damn suitcase in Hamilton,  and why?

So that he could bring his pride and joy back on the airplane as CARRYON luggage!

‘Linda, where’s the coffee I brought back from Canada?’ asks Hub as he's ready to set up his new ‘baby’ in its place of honour.

Pointing at the last suitcase I suggest... “Try in there Juan Valdez...” 

As he opens it he retrieves his golden elixir..His eyes are fixated like he’s seen heavens gates... ‘Ahhhh perfect! Now we’re ready for some serious stuff...’

“You sure you got everything?” I ask as I finish up the vacuuming.

‘Ohhh yeahhh...I turned the A/C on to chilly...wiped down the coffee area...just finishing the fresh water fill...and everything seems to be working...lights are on...

“That’s a matter of opinion”...

‘The grinder is grinding...’

Just then the phone rings...and rings...

“Can you maybe get that?” I yell from upstairs.

There’s silence except for the ringing of the phone....

“HUB...the phone!”

‘Not now Linda!!! Can't you see this is important work. Tell them I can’t be disturbed.’

“Yeah, like that’s gonna happen...” I mutter and laugh loudly passing by the ‘coffee bar’ and heading to the real bar for a cold cocktail.

Just another day in the life of two Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise.

Linda and Hub