Thursday, December 19, 2013

mosquito racquet

Running through the house I hear Hub cursing and yelling... ‘Linda! Where the hell's my racquet???’

Now, don’t get the idea my dear husband of 38 years is taking up a recreational sport. No, Hub’s wants to know where his mosquito racquet is. Or to be more precise...where he left it! 

You see, unbeknownst to me, I married a man whose family attracts flying insects.

That’s right! If it has wings and flies it will find Hub. Doesn’t matter if he’s at a party with 20 people...or in the house on the computer...or in a moving car...or walking the dog...or even in the bathroom...those lil’ buggers will find him! 

In the past he either had to cover himself from head to foot or always have a flyswatter laying around for emergencies. Sometimes both! 

But these days he is now prepared for those kamikaze insects! Hub has purchased not one...or two...but three electrified racquets.

The first one was from a guy on the street here in Mazatlan. And when I say ‘on’ the street, I mean in the middle of the street hawking his merchandise.

“What are you doing?” I ask as he pulls over to the curb narrowly missing a motorcycle.

Rolling down his window... Hub starts his monetary negotiations...‘Quanto?’...and after much debate he hands over his pesos and puts the racquet lovingly between us on the front seat. 

Running in the house he tears open the packaging and reads the instructions. 

Pulling out this warrior tool, he shoves it into the wall,waits...and wait...and then after getting a complete charge...

He then spends the next 3 days ‘whacking’ the air in and out of the house.

But one racquet is not enough! Noooo, now he's on the lookout for bigger and better racquets. And that is just what he finds at local stores...all for about the same price...

So I ask the question... “You already have one. Why on earth do you need more?”

Ripping open his latest purchase and plugging it into the wall he informs me...‘I’m gonna have one placed in specific locations throughout the house. This way, when one of those lil’ flying beasts lands on me, anywhere in the house, I'll have the necessary tool to kill it!’

“But three?? Isn’t that more or less overkill?”

Dancing around like a kid on Christmas morning he announces...‘Exactly! But look! The new ones have a light on the handle! WoOoOo hoOoOo!’ 

“And what? Are you planning on blinding them before you fry them?”

‘Don’t mock me wife! I’m protecting our house!!’ he whacks the air on his way up the stairs.

So, now we have three racquets...all over the house and yet he's constantly looking for them because he can’t remember where he's puts them...thus the question...

‘Linda!!!! Where’’

Just another day in the life of two Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise.

Linda and Hub