Thursday, January 30, 2014

Man and his couch

Upon arriving in Maz 3 yrs ago, it was decided that ‘we’ needed a couch. Not just any kind of couch, oh no, it had to be a large, Lazyboy couch that ‘we’ could spread out on, and after much searching we did find the one and only available in Maz at the time...a cloth, three seater with a Lazyboy on both ends...

and now...

Hub sits up and asks... ‘Why are you still sitting in that chair?’

“I’m fine”...I say as I try to get comfortable.

‘Linda, there’s lots of room here on the couch.’

“No, no, nooo...if I continue to sit there, you will get the idea that I wanna keep that monster.”

‘Hey..hey..heyyyy. You’re talking about one of my best friends!!’

Leaning over the couch I explain...“It’s a couch. It’s too big and hard to move...and it’s not supposed to be attached to you!”

And so began the official search for a new piece of furniture.

‘Well, the new couch has to be leather this time...’ Hub insisted.

“And it’s got to be a loveseat...” I countered.

And so the search went on for months...old shops, they were all scoured and then we found it! A brown leather loveseat.

Hub started negotiations...‘Cuanto, por favor?’

The lovely salesperson told us the price, and even wrote it out since confusion happens when numbers are given to us in Spanish. 

Hub proceeded to grab his throat, trying to demonstrate the price was too much.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes.

‘What??? It’s called negotiations!’ he explained to me as he walked around the item in question...touching it...running  his hand lovingly over the back...and then asking me... ‘is it leather?’

“What? Do I look like the manufacturer...ask her,” as I point to the smiling sales girl and wander over to something of interest across the isle. 

Immediately I hear rapid fire Spanish between Hub and the girl...ok mainly it’s the girl, but Hubs listening to it, so I saunter over just in time to hear the word... ‘Moo’.

“You are kidding right? Tell me you didn’t just try to explain leather, by saying moo?”

‘Well, do you remember the word for leather, smarty pants?’ asks Hub.

“Well noooo......but moo?” as I double over laughing...shaking my head...noticing people starting to stare.

Defeated Hub sighs...‘Well it didn’t work anyways.’

Just then his eyes widen and he starts to suggest...‘Maybe I should try...’

“Don't even think about milking an imaginary cow?”

Needless to say he was not impressed with my help but...

I’m happy to say, the new Moo couch was delivered to our home...on time, early the next day!

Just another day in the life of 2 Canadians, 
living it and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise.

Linda and Hub