Monday, April 7, 2014

Flying insects

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, I holler up to Hub...“Stop staring at the lights. You’ll go blind!”

‘But they’re here!!!!’

What Hub is so excited about is termite season...flying termites to be precise. You heard it right. Those little buggers are attracted to the lights at night. 

The geckos don’t have to chase their prey...they just sit on the lights and open their mouths for a feast. But if they get into the house, they fly around the lights like moths, them drop their wings and walk right into any wood in the area.

I hear the banging as Hub closes all the windows and doors upstairs...

‘Get ready girlie! It’s gonna be a wild and rocky ride tonight!’

Going back to the computer I hear him as he bumps and bangs into walls on the way downstairs... ‘And turn that damn computer off! It’s bright!’

“Ok. It’s official...You have completely lost it!”

‘And speaking of losing it...where the hell did you put my whacker?’

He means one of his many electric bug whackers...the ones he uses like a tennis racket to electrically fry anything that flies in his path.

Sitting in a now darkened room I ask the age old question... “You mean where did you leave it last?” as I turn on an overhead light to locate the missing weapon.

‘Have you completely lost your mind woman???’ Hub cries out as he makes a mad dash across the room to slap the light switch off. ‘Why don’t you just invite them in?’

Feeling him breathing beside me at the patio window, Hub whispers...‘Ok. I think I see one Gecko out there on the light fixture and he doesn’t seem to be doing anything.’

“And just what do you expect him to be doing? You turned off all the’ve just cancelled his annual food fest!”

Peering out the patio window, into the dark I ask...And come to mention it, why didn’t you put the lights on OUTSIDE to attract them out there?”

‘I’m trying something new...if there are NO lights on anywhere maybe they will pass us over this year.’

“Pass us over this year? Who are you...Moses? Because if there’s any lambs blood over the doors out there, you’re cleaning it all up fella!!!”

Just a couple of thoughts from two Canadians living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub