Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Car

It’s a lovely Friday morning, 8am, the heat is starting to rise, Carnaval is over for another year and Motocycle Week is now into day 3. 

Hub has planned a day on the water with friends on our neighbours sailboat. That means a great day of alone time...Hub doing what he likes best, being on the ocean...

And me, shopping!

Opening the garage doors you can already feel the heat, but no worries, the trusty vehicle from Canada has A/C. Waving goodbye I hop into the drivers seat, close the door, put the key in the ignition, turn it, see the dashboard light up like a Christmas tree, turn the key and....

WTF??? Click,click,Rrrrrr. Not sure that I heard it right, of course I do it again...same thing.

Hub immediately comes rushing out as he hears his baby in distress...the car not me. ‘Stop doing that!!!! What did you do???? leave the lights on again?’

“If I recall, I didn’t drive it noooo I did not leave the lights on.”

‘Get out...let me see what’s going on.’

Exiting the vehicle I watch him touch everything on the the glove compartment...check the ceiling lights...then get out and lift the hood. ‘Hmmmm’

“And that means what? I can shop later or is it dead?”

Seeing him under the hood, Hub decides...
‘So we have to get it out onto the road so M (our neighbour), can give me a boost. You get in and I’ll push it out.’

Climbing back in and slamming the door I hear...‘Ok...crack both windows open.’

Calmly I ask “Why???”

‘So you can hear me of course!’

Before rolling down the window I whisper....why again, making next to no sound at all...Hub doesn’t think it’s as funny as I much for a sense of humour.

‘Ok...first you’re gonna drive it backwards onto the take your foot off the brake and I’ll push it out.’

Without him even touching the car it slowly moves out of the garage.

I hear him yell...‘Be sure to use your brake and turn it that way.’

Which of course I do and then I hear...‘What the hell did you stop for?’

“You said use the brake...”

‘OMG...Get your foot OFF the brake! Now, I’m gonna have to rock it, so turn the wheel so it won’t be in the middle of the road when it gets going.’

After a few rock and rolls it moves slightly, so I turn the wheel and hear....‘NOT NOW!’ I immediately step on the brake like any good driver would do. I see Hub come up beside the car door, as I watch his olive skin colour turn to red.

It’s at this point I turn in my seat, grab my purse and shopping list, take the keys out of the ignition and throw them at him...

Ok, maybe I should have remembered that the window was only part way down so that the keys (all 14 of them) wouldn’t hit the glass. Of course this move did sort of kill the grand exit I had had planned...

but, stomping through the empty garage on the way to the house, I inform Hub, man of my life for over 40 years, what he can do with the keys and his car!

Now actually I must give Hub credit though... having had the garage built, the echo in the empty garage did give an added bonus effect to the moment.

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise.

Linda and Hub