Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hubs trip

‘Where’s the black suitcase Linda?’ yells Hub from second floor bedroom. I hear the door shut and 10 minutes later I hear it open again... ‘Where’s my travel kit?’

This is becoming a hourly thing this where’s the whateverrrr or, have you seen the thingy-ma-bob? 

You see Hub’s getting ready to leave on a scuba dive trip. You’d think diving would be a daily thing as we live in Mexico, right? Wrong! We live on the Pacific side and for some reason Hub likes to be able to see and swim in warm water...go figure! So he's getting ready to go to Cozumel.

I hear the upstairs door open again... ‘You do realize I only have one swim suit that fits, right?’

“And that concerns because????”

Standing at the top of the stairs he demonstrates while holding an arm full of clothes...‘Well, this one’s too big...this one’s too small...and this one’s...’

“oh oh ohhhh let me guess...that one’s juuuuust right, Goldilocks!”

Coming down the stairs I hear...‘Don’t be a smart ass woman! I've got one day left before we leave.’

“When you say WE, you do mean as in you and the cab driver right?”

‘Well, I called and reminded him to be here at 3.30AM.


But if he’s not here, you get to drive me out to the airport,’ he says with great excitement.

Now, normally sending Hub off on one of his trips is a good thing, but having to drive out to the airport, hell any airport for that matter, in the middle of the night is not my idea of a good time. “When did you call him last?”


“Maybe you should give him another reminder today...and maybe every hour to get an update.”

So it's shove off day! 2 in the morning. I hear Hub doing his last minute check for an hour and then dragging everything out to the garage. 

I get up, go out and see him standing in the middle of the street. 

He decides to message the driver. No answer. He tries again. No answer..and then, in the dead of the night I hear it...

‘Linda!!!! Roadtrip!’ .

Did I mention I really hate driving to the airport and really hate doing it at 3.30 in the frigg’n morning.

Just another day in the life of two Canadians, living and loving it,
 in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise.

Linda and Hub