Friday, June 27, 2014

The lonely pineapple

‘Linda get out here and see if this thing is ready.’

What my dear husband is referring to is his latest hobby...farmer. To be more specific, pineapple grower. 

Who knew you could actually grow a pineapple from the green, prickly crown on a piece of fruit? Well Hub did...waste not, want not is the new motto.

So I head out to the garden in the 97F heat at 10am in the morning to where there's THE plant in question...thee ONLY pineapple plant, that was started as an experiment. 

Turning to Hub I ask...“So, let me get this straight...I have a uterus so that makes me an expert on growing stuff?”

‘No, I just want a general consensus. So, what do you think?’

Bending down I inspect the fruit in question...“Well it looks like a pineapple...” I touch the head... “it’s spiky like a pineapple...and it looks just like the ones we buy in the yeah, in my opinion, I think it’s ready.”

Without missing a beat he twists the pineapple off the mother plant and runs into the house... ‘Come on!! We have work to do woman!’

“Alright! Cocktails!”

‘Don’t be getting ahead of yourself there chica...’ he yells back as he runs inside to the kitchen. Taking the pineapple in one hand he twists the spiky crown off and hands it to me...‘That’s for plant number two!

Now where’s that damn pineapple corer?’ he asks as he rummages through the kitchen.

Leaning on the counter I inquire...“So let me get this straight...I'm now a farmer AND head of lost and found dept ?”

‘Ahhh haaaa!’ he exclaims as he grabs the corer from the back of a drawer and goes to work on the fruit. 

Working the device Hub starts mumbling..‘This is damnnnn...hardddd...TAAAA DAAAAA!’ he yells as he jumps with excitement holding up the extracted core.

“Ok, you didn’t invent penicillin big just cut into a pineapple!”

‘Yes, but I actually grew it!’

“And it only you took 2 years!”

‘It’s not the length of time’s the experience of growing something from nothing.’

Reaching over he pops a piece into my mouth. “Hmmm not bad...actually it’s pretty good! But you know what would make it perfect?”

Watching him walk over to the bar.... ‘yeah, yeah, yeah. I know...

“Pina Coladas!!

Just a couple of thoughts from two Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan....our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub

ps...that pineapple in the blog actually is OUR pineapple.