Saturday, July 26, 2014

July in Maz

'Are you having fun?' Hub asks me on the phone.

"Naturally..the gbabies are wonderful..our son and daughter-in-law are marvelous but the weather!!!"

I've taken a trip back to Canada for a few weeks and Hub and I are comparing notes.

"Do you realize it's only like 70+F and it's flipp'n July!!!!" I yell down the phone.

Hub, sounding very relaxed informs me, 'Well it's 96+ here, so enjoy the cool weather.' 

"Cool weather...I'm wearing works socks, pj's, a quilted house coat and sleeping under TWO comforters!"

'Well you have been known to be a 
cold, old...'

"You better not finish that fella!"

'Well, things are good here in Maz.'


'Well, you know those white garbage bags that were in the driveway next to the house?'

"Yeah, you said you were gonna pick those up weeks ago."

'So I got the gloves and boots and trapsed through the overgrown grass and started putting them all into a new bag. But something seemed very familiar.'

"Garbage is familiar, how?"

'It turns out the garbage is OURS!'

"No way. I put our garbage in those oversized bags from SAMS."

'I know! But it turns out somebody has decided to empty them and steal our bags!'

"But you don't put them out till like 30 minutes before the truck comes by."

'That's right but even so, I guess it's true, CRIME IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN MEXICO. So I'm thinking it's time to go to Defcon 1'

"Damn it! I can't leave you alone for one minute."

'Not to worry....I'm inviting the neighbours over for late night stakeout from the roof! 

But I need my night vision goggles. Any idea where I put them?'

Just a day in the life of two Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise.

Linda and Hub