Monday, September 1, 2014

Laundry battle

Recently Hub and I were visiting new friends here in Maz. As he opened the door, Hub quickly turned around stopping me at the door, leans over and quietly whispered... ‘Calm down. Be nice...breathhhh.’

Looking at him like he had three heads I entered their livingroom and my eyes scanned the area from side to side... “O.M.G!!!!!! Where’s all the...stuff???”

You see our livingroom, in fact every room in our casa, looks like a laundrymat and/or a storage area. It’s been the same for years, so I really shouldn’t get upset over it, from books, shoes, papers, glasses, boxes and so on. But now it’s even grown to vertical spaces, especially the laundry.

When we first moved here, I had insisted on getting a dryer. "I don't care how much it costs we have to have a dryer!!!"

Ever in his controlled tone Hub asked...‘Linda, we now live in the tropics, what the hell do you need a dryer for?’

“Because I’ve always used one...I want one.” (Ok, so I used it twice last year, but that wasn't the point!) 

Walking into the dining room, I lift a shirt off the chair... “Hey fella, what are your clothes doing on this chair?”


“And those out there belong on the floor because???”

I hear him from the backyard...‘Drying.’

The livingroom has now become Hubs personal closet. His reasoning is... Why go upstairs to change, when there's plenty of clean stuff hanging right there in the livingroom.

Do you always have to leave the laundry basket down here at the bottom of the stairs! Somebody could trip and hurt themselves you know!?

"Well I'm hoping you'll remember to take it upstairs when you go. And btw, are you planning on taking that basket upstairs anytime soon?"

‘I'll get to it.

Another day goes by and the laundry basket sits at the bottom of the stairs, now pushed to the side.

Four days later I hear Hub start a wash.

 “You feeling Ok there, sunshine?”

‘Yeah. If you must know, I’m outta underwear.’

“Strange how I'm not...You might wanna look upstairs. You know, in that room that has shelves and real closets!”

Hub thinks to himself for a minute...‘But then I’d have to go upstairs!’

“Yaaaa... imagine the idea of it?!!”

Going out the backdoor with a much deserved cocktail in hand, I notice even more stuff drying, now laying out on a box, on the deck!

“HUB!!! Where the hell does this stuff come from?”

And so the laundry battle heats up during the lazy, hazy days of summer, here in Maz.

Just a day in the life of two Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub