Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Great Car Debate

“Linda! Check this out!”

Hub has taken to entertaining himself on the internet. No not dirty sites..nothing even controversial sites..only CAR sites!

Leaning over his shoulder I show some interest...‘So how much?’

“That isn’t the point woman!”

‘Price isn’t important? Since when Diamond Jim? Last week I glanced at a can opener and you asked, how much?’

Walking over to the kitchen he starts waving his arms like Vana White and he informs me “But we don’t need a can opener. We have perfectly good one right here on the counter.”

Turning back to the computer screen I engage him further...‘it’s a 2 seater.’

Actually, me speaking indicates to Hub that I’m showing interest, so he runs back to the computer, drops his butt into the swivel chair... “I know!!! And it’s fully reconditioned...”

‘You mean it’s old.’

Classic is a better choice of words.”

‘’s an old, classic.’

“You just don’t see the point. We could be riding in style...hitting the open road...”

‘And that’s exactly what it would be...hitting the road. Are you blind? Have you not seem the conditions of the roads here in Mexico?’

It would be romantic...”

Yeah, nothing speaks romance like spending alot of time with a mechanic in the repair shop.

Where's your sense of adventure Linda?

Hellooooo??!! Did I not give up everything in Hamilton to move thousands of miles with you?

Scrolling through the thousands of death traps on the computer, he mutters...You're missing the point.

And that is?

Leaning back in his chair Hub announces...I'm old and I want a new car.

Bending down I whisper into Hubs that's not exactly true.

I'm not old?” he asks as he jumps out of his chair, almost hurting himself.

No. You got that part right. What you should have said was... you're old and you want an old car.

Just a couple of thoughts from two retired Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in Paradise.

Linda and Hub