Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Only using the cells phones for important stuff, I pick it up the other day to hear Hub ask...‘Linda!!! It's me. Where’s that thinga-ma-bob for the drill?’

It's become a common occurrence and not just on the phone. So when I got home I announced to my loving husband of almost 40 years...“Well, it’s finally happened!


We’re officially losing our...”

‘Our minds. I knew it! That’s what we’re losing woman!’

You see, we’ve officially got to the point where our Spanish is enough to get by on, after cutting back on our lessons. But now our English is forsaking us...

Like yesterday, I was going about making out the grocery/shopping list, and muttering to myself at the kitchen table...(yes, I do tend to talk to myself, sometimes and I know I'm not the only one)... anyways, it went like this...

“Mmmm, what is that word? Ok, calm down. I can do this. After all, we’re College graduates, and worked many years with some very intelligent people.” 

After a few minutes I threw my hands up in the air, went looking for Hub and found him in his usual spot. 

“Ok genius! Will you tell me what the hell the name of the thing is that you put in your ears....”

‘Your fingers?’

“Cut it out! I’m serious. You twist it around and clean out your ears.”


“YES!! Ok, I thought I was going nuts.”


“Don’t start! You’re just as bad....”

‘Yes I admit it, but I can forget words better now in TWO languages!’

“Ohhh I’m just sooo proud.”

The next day Hub comes looking for me... ‘Linda? What the hell do you call those things you put over your ears?’

“My hands?”

‘No, no, nooooo. You know what I mean! You use it to listen to that whatcha-ma-call-it! I’m thinking like ear pads but I know that’s not right.’



and after a moment... ‘Ok...so do you know where they are?’

At first it was a great concern to both of us, not remembering simple words. But we’ve discovered we work best together in both languages. When one of us forgets a word, the other can take over. It takes a little getting used to, and it’s still a work in progress, but we keep trying.

‘Linda!!!!’ Hub bellows down the stairs.

And of course, in my ever endearing response...I yell back...“What?

And I hear it...‘Do you know...

First tell me which hat do you want me to put on? The one that needs a sniffer dog to find something? Or the one the needs a dictionary ? Or maybe I'll just choose something I feel is appropriate.”

Just a couple of thoughts from two retired Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub