Friday, March 6, 2015

Selling a home in Mazatlan

Looking at the ceiling I quietly mutter to myself...“Selling a house anywhere is like watching paint dry.”

Just then Hub walks past me carrying another box...'So...where do you want this one?'

Opening the backdoor I point...“ Garage!”

'And just where do you plan on me putting the car?'

You see, we've done it. We've listed the house. It's a long and boring process...the same as all the other 20 times before... Absolutely nothing moves fast here or anywhere for that matter.

Hub suggests...'maybe you should try moving a few of these boxes and you wouldn't be so, as you say, bored!'

Mulling his comments over I turn and inform him...“Hey, somebody has to direct.” 

Back from the holding area in the garage he asks...'Soooo, remind me again, why are we selling our dream house by the water?'

“Because we don't entertain as much as before so, we don't need all this room.”

I hear him rummaging in the kitchen...'Andddd...' .

“And we want a one floor plan.”

I hear him walking up to the rooftop...


Yelling up the hallway I ask...“Don't you have some more packing to do?”

Coming down the stairs he continues his line of questioning... 'Come on...anddddd...'

“And we're not getting any younger.”

With great delight he announces loudly...'Ahhh haaaa, you mean you're getting old.'

“Hey, we're in this together, remember! For better or worse etc...” and I feel him grab my arm and pull me up to the roof.

Quickly turning I tell him...“You know we have a viewing in a few days. We can't be dragging our heels!”

Hub turns and opens the rooftop door and I see a chilled bottle of wine and glasses on the table. 

“OMG this is sooo thoughtful!”

'I know.'

“And this view is still spectacular!”

Sneaking a quick kiss Hub whispers...'I know!!'

At which point I turn to him...“You do know this still won't get you out of moving the rest of the boxes, right?!”

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan....our piece of Paradise.

Linda and Hub