Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Man and his computer

Walking into the room I see Hub still at the computer...“So, whatcha looking at?”

He's been at it for hours now... 
just staring at it.
'Nothin' you'd be interested in.'

Poking my head around the door...“Well, it must be really good. You've been on the computer for like 3 hours!”

Barely looking up from the computer he asks...'And you know this, because?'

“Because I haven't heard any of your 'old man' noises coming from you.”

'Hey, hey heyyyyy!!'

“You know like the groaning or moaning..”

'Never know exactly what I'm looking at Linda. But it could be uhhh...' he turns and raises his eyebrows like Grocho Marx.

Walking out of the room I add...“oh, and let's not forget the farting?”

Hub follows me into the kitchen...'Come back here! Tell me if I could afford this one...'

Shaking my head I cover my ears “la, la, laaaa!” and head into another room.

'Damn it woman! It's a car. What did ya think I was looking at?'

Just a few thoughts from two Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan....
our home in Paradise.

Linda and Hub