Monday, May 11, 2015

Hub and his hobbies

As walk into the store, Hub sees IT standing there. With longing in his eyes, he declares... 'Linda!!! This is just what I need!' 

Dragging IT to the car, he throws the much needed golf bag and clubs into the trunk.

At home he tells me...'You know this will be great exercise!'

Well, it's now been over a week and IT is still laying horizontally on the livingroom floor.

"Soooo, just when are you planning on actually using IT?"

'Just as soon as I find somebody to play with.'

"Isn't it a sport that you can do by yourself?"

'Well ya...but a group would be a lot more fun.'

"You know, I was just thinking"...

'Please don't!'

"I could always get my own clubs and ohhhh..ohhhh we could have matching outfits...same colour, pattern and hats...

fun hats!"

While desperately looking for his phone, I have another, brilliant idea! 

"And I could drive the golf cart!"

After quickly making a few calls Hub grabs his clubs and makes his exit...'The boys and I are going out for a few quick rounds.'

"I thought he'd never leave! Oh, and I better remember to pick up one of those hats, just in case he does want me to golf with him!"

Just a few thoughts from 2 Canadians 
living and loving it in Mazatlan....our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub